4870 X2 on new ATI drivers kills framerate, fine on old

By james_k1988
Jun 22, 2009
  1. Hey there,

    Been having a bit of a weird problem and was wondering if anyone else had it or had any ideas. Up until a few weeks ago i have been running my 4870x2 on ATI drivers 9.5 with no problems. However one day they decided they couldnt be bothered with life anymore and my FPS plummeted (i mainly play Call Of Duty 4 so it was this i noticed it on most). At a point where i knew my FPS was around 190 it was at 70, the horror!

    After reinstalling the game, reinstalling the 9.5 drivers 400times and even looking at the HDD for errors (it used to be a bit dodgy, thats why it was on the hitlist) i decided to try the drivers i got with the card for the heck of it (8.9 or something). Put them on and up my FPS went back to normal. When 9.6 came out i tried those but they killed fps as well, have to revert back.

    Unfortinately at this moment in time i dont play other games as much so i couldnt tell major difference. It COULD be that its just a COD4 thing but i would be weird if it was. Has anyone else experianced this or have any ideas?
  2. LinkedKube

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    Some drivers arent optomized for all games, even with updated drivers there are issues. If you changed to an older driver and the problem is gone, then what is the problem? I and other people would have suggested to just revert to an older driver if you hadn't figured it out yourself.
  3. james_k1988

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    Oh i'm not complaining, as long as it works thats fine for me. Was just incase i was missing something obvious or if it is rather common (although i couldnt find anything while searching which is why i posted).

    It is strange however how it worked fine on 9.5 for ages and then started playing up so suddenly, which sort of indicates that something else is possibly interfering. If i was confident it was just the driver i wouldnt really care
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