5 Windows File Explorer Alternatives You Should Try


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I long ago switched to XYplorer.

I used XYPlorer for a few years untill 2 years ago.
It appeared XYPlorer is written in VB6, a programming language of 20 years ago.
That is not a bad thing in such, but VB6 isn't supported anymore, 32bit, no multi-threading etc etc.

Currently I'm using FreeCommander XE (32bit freeware, 64bit payware)
Like it very much and also is actively supported
Totally agree with all the fuzz about file explorer and how many other apps are out there that are much more powerful.
But lets think about the millions of users that can't even explain what a file is, let alone what to do with it.
And that's exactly the reason why FE is what it is.
Whoever needs more options, knows where to find them. Personally I go for Files {not perfect but getting better slowly} and xyexplorer.


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Disappointed there's no cool 3D rendered explorer that 90s movies taught me would be the future. Zooming into folders and stuff.


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I simply find no reason to pay for an external file explorer. No matter the shortcomings, Win11's File Explorer is enough for whatever I want to do.

For simple copy, paste and other basic file management, it's more than adequate.

What else do you want to do within a file manager anyway?
I have tested all listed:
- XYPlorer and One Commander are the fastest and most feature rich
- Files UWP is very slow with navigating folders and listing files, and I couldn't run it for more than 5 minutes before it would crash


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Directory Opus.
I haven't used any others but damn is Opus absolutely ace. I barely touch the wealth of features it has but it's nice to know it probably has the capability to do something I think would be useful.
Never had an issue with it torching my OS either.
100% worth trying
Can I have the download link for the first software named as 'Files'
I cannot find any legit software downloading site for that.
It would be highly appreciable
Directory Opus from GP Software has been in my stable for years now. I don’t know how I’d function without it. When I have to access another PC without DOpus installed, I want to sit in the corner and rock backwards and forwards.


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I have Directory Opus both on PC and my Amiga 2000, but I use XplorerMax as my main replacement for Windows Explorer. XplorerMax is a paid program but I purchased a lifetime license as I like it that much.

I use Directory Opus to do other things with. But I wish I could have the favourite folder bar at the top of each window like ExplorerMax as it makes things so much easier for me.