Files is a modern file manager that helps users organize their files and folders. Our mission with Files is to build the best file manager for Windows, and we're proud to be building it out in the open so everyone can participate. User feedback helps shape the features we work on, & the bug reports on GitHub help to make Files more reliable. Built and maintained by the open-source community, Files features robust multitasking experiences, file tags, deep integrations, and an intuitive design.


Power meets beauty

Explore a beautiful Windows-first design. Manage all your files with increased productivity. Work across multiple folders with tabs. And so much more.

Seamless cloud integration

Integration with cloud services such as OneDrive, Google Drive, and iCloud allow you to manage your documents and photos in the cloud, right from the sidebar.

File preview

Preview documents, photos, and more without opening them. Support for rich previews, syntax highlighting, markdown and video playback is all built in.

Tagged Files and Folders

Quickly mark and organize your files and folders for later by assigning them colored and named tags for easy identification. You can even add your own custom tags!

Multitask with tabs

Avoid multiple windows and keep your desktop clutter-free. Files features a browser-like tabbing interface complete with keyboard shortcuts.

Distinctly personal

Have it your way. Files features a fully customizable user interface, right down to the colors and materials. Explore themes created by the community or dive right into the docs and create your own.

More Features

  • Tabs
  • Cloud integration
  • Shell extensions support (in the right click context menu)
  • Column view browsing
  • FTP support

What's New

New icons

Files v3 features brand-new icons for stable and preview builds, each featuring its distinct color. The public version is yellow (to retain familiarity with the stock File Explorer), while the developer and preview are purple and blue.

New design

The Files app now has a more modern user interface with a rounded files area, adjusted background opacity, and a reworked from the ground-up sidebar. In addition, files pinned to the sidebar have a distinct icon.

Modern copy-paste dialogs

This change will delight those unhappy with the outdated copy-paste progress dialogs in the stock File Explorer. You can click the progress icon in the upper-right corner of the app to check out the status of your current procedure.

Office files preview

You can preview Office documents in the preview pane. Select a file, open the pane, and tap "Preview." The Files app can also preview other file formats with registered shell preview handlers.

Command Pallete

The Files app v3 has a built-in command system that lets you execute various actions using quick commands. Press Ctrl + Shift + P and type the action you need, such as "Create new folder," "Group items by date created," "Create a ZIP archive," etc.

Keep in the background

With the latest update, you can keep the File app running in the background to reduce its launch time.

  • Added support for renaming network drives
  • Theme names are now localized in the settings dialog
  • Keyboard shortcuts are now displayed in the right click menu
  • Added support for opening shortcut files as another user
  • Added support for additional archive formats including gz, mcpack, mcworld, jar, lzh, and appxbundle
  • Added support for elevated file operations
  • Folders in special locations that don't have a directory watcher will now refresh when changes are made
  • Display error message when transferring files that are too large for FAT32
  • Removed the margin when using the compact spacing option
  • Added a "What's new" popup that can be viewed after an update
  • Files will now display a custom thumbnail when it's the registered handler for viewing archives.
  • Automatically update items when the date changes
  • Added support for canceling tab tear off by pressing the esc key
  • Added support for copying the paths of multiple items together
  • Improved the design and performance of the startup options in settings
  • Added ctrl + shift + n shortcut to create a new folder
  • Added support for unblocking downloaded folders from the properties window
  • Improved the icon resolution on tabs
  • Added support for Proton Drive
  • Added file operation support for FTP
  • Added support for formatting drives from the properties window
  • Added support to switch between items using arrow keys in the conflicts dialog