Files is a file manager with a powerful yet intuitive design. It has features like multiple tabs, panes, columns, shell extensions in the context menu and tags.


Power meets beauty

Explore a beautiful Windows-first design. Manage all your files with increased productivity. Work across multiple folders with tabs. And so much more.

Seamless cloud integration

Integration with cloud services such as OneDrive, Google Drive, and iCloud allow you to manage your documents and photos in the cloud, right from the sidebar.

File preview

Preview documents, photos, and more without opening them. Support for rich previews, syntax highlighting, markdown and video playback is all built in.

Tagged Files and Folders

Quickly mark and organize your files and folders for later by assigning them colored and named tags for easy identification. You can even add your own custom tags!

Multitask with tabs

Avoid multiple windows and keep your desktop clutter-free. Files features a browser-like tabbing interface complete with keyboard shortcuts.

Distinctly personal

Have it your way. Files features a fully customizable user interface, right down to the colors and materials. Explore themes created by the community or dive right into the docs and create your own.

More Features

  • Tabs
  • Cloud integration
  • Shell extensions support (in the right click context menu)
  • Column view browsing
  • FTP support

What's New

  • Fixed issue where thumbnails had the wrong aspect ratio in the grid layout
  • Fixed an issue where folder thumbnails sometimes had a black background
  • Fixed an issue where thumbnail previews wouldn't work for certain applications in the grid layout

Previous release notes

  • Bump Microsoft.UI.Xaml from 2.8.0 to 2.8.1 by @dependabot in #9733
  • 5275 set multiple images as desktop background by @QuaintMako in #9712
  • (Manually) Bump FluentFTP from 36.1.0 to 39.3.0 dependencies by @gave92 in #9744
  • Fix for hardcoded OS drives by @DavidPerikala in #9748
  • Fixed missing icon for network folder by @DavidPerikala in #9752
  • Feature: Enabled tags by default and removed option to turn them off by @ferrariofilippo in #9710
  • Removed x86 build from pipeline by @yaichenbaum in #9764
  • Fix - Selecting a tag on the sidebar doesn't highlight it by @ferrariofilippo in #9766
  • Added option to set current directory setup as the default by @ferrariofilippo in #9754
  • Show selected items size details when selecting by dragging the mouse by @IgorKordiukiewicz in #9305
  • Feature: Added an option to set default columns by @yaichenbaum in #9785
  • Removed vertical tab flyout by @yaichenbaum in #9786
  • Feature: Display uncompressed size when viewing properties for archives by @btomblinson in #9782
  • Move tags to a sub menu flyout by @gave92 in #9777
  • Feature: Redid set as background flyout by @puppetsw in #9775
  • Added button to reset layout preferences in settings by @gave92 in #9787
  • Fix settings export by @gave92 in #9797
  • Preview build V2.3.10 by @yaichenbaum in #9802
  • New Crowdin updates by @yaichenbaum in #9721
  • Bump FluentFTP from 39.3.0 to 39.4.0 by @dependabot in #9805
  • Add cast from IDictionary to ConcurrentDictionary by @gave92 in #9810
  • v2.3.11 release by @yaichenbaum in #9811