64GB flash drive not functioning

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May 19, 2008
  1. i have bought a new 64G flash drive and it is functioning for the first 2 days. after that, it show " the disk is not formated" notice when i try to access my flash drive. i have try to format it by clicking ok but it does not work. i have also try using computer management, VAIO soft recovery manager, Kill disk and other files recovery software but it still doesn't work. I can detect the 64G capacity under the computer management, but it does not show as NTFS file. i have check the flash drive and it show as RAW file system under the properties.
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  3. keyboy26

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    Hey ... Thanks a lot ... it does work.
    anyway .... just to let you know that i really got a good deal for this pendrive.
    64G pendrive for USD 15.00 .
  4. raybay

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    You should not expect it to format as an NTFS file. The normal format is FAT.
  5. virk1313

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    Thank you soooo much it worked . I was about to thorow away my flash drive . God bless you my friend
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    Yes...maybe thats why it stopped working?
    Nonetheless, don't keep irrecoverable files on your flash drive!
    No need for another "FLASH DRIVE CORRUPT, I NEED THAT DATA!" thread.
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    The cheapest 64GB flash drive on NewEgg is $114 (after rebate). 64GB for $15 sounds an awful lot like a counterfeit USB Flash drive.

    Counterfeit USB Flash drives are really lower capacity flash drives (1GB - 4GB) hacked to display as 64GB, usually sold from China via eBay. After filling up the flash drive's actual capacity it fails.

    I'd be very cautious storing important data on the drive.
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