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By shang
Jul 15, 2009
  1. Swiftdog and Virus.....

    Hello everyone im new to this forum. This forum seems to be the best i think. Its very nice to be here and see all help i can get.

    I downloaded Swiftdog and accidently i come to i site u need to pay 250 000$

    I just is this rea lor is it a jokes. I asked some friends and tried find information about this.

    I find that the company uses 2 names to sell thier products.

    Cant link the site have to less post sucks :S

    And i found one more thread dont remember the name actualy.

    and i also find some threads here about it. Hmm im still wonder if this is for real or is it just a scam to get people scared?

    I was looking for a nice program that could boost my pc up. And i checked this program and htink hmm mybe buy it.... Lets test it and i just wtf i cant click on anything activate or usmthing serial and i tryed. I mean i wanted to try if it was good or not. And i searched for free tool. Anyway then i got more problems in the pc and this 250 000$ do i need to be scared or not. my friends says its a real joke. ANd the company should get kicked of the internet. The most wierd thing is why they say at the end

    Buy the product and get legal. (mybe to earn money of stupid people)? and then rob the bank account?

    should i buy the program to be safe or should i drop this **** and try remove all spywares. and stuff.

    Anyone who have experience of SwiftDog and thier products. Is this company blacklisted or sumthing. And the other guys who had same problem what hapend to them^^

    Pls help me out i dont wana lose my pc in mass infections and also lose 250 000$
    it sounds insane for a 20 dollars program.


    Hmm i scanned with Avir found 52 infections alot....

    Hmm and in malware 13 infections i think. (it sounds liek in the log it dont remove the infections) i dont know why though?

    spyware 5 cookies.

    Hmm i guess i need the help of the pros.

    Il post my hijack this file and the other 2 files here so u can help me out guys.

    Sry for my first post was scared like hell Mybe its just a scam wont download any more free software, sounds dangerous, mybe il ask on this site what program u can download ;)
  2. shang

    shang TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hmm im still very worried

    i still need help with this problem. Anyone intrested in checking those. Im also planing to make a system reninstall. Hmm can some one check my logs.... And help me out.

    And this swiftdogis it for real?
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