802.11-2012 Wi-Fi promises 600Mbps, 3.65-3.7GHz, mesh networking


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Over the past 15 years, the Wi-Fi (802.11x) standard has been revised only a handful of times, evolving to include major revisions like 802.11b, g and n and smaller, incremental...

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That's the sound the Cookie Monster makes when he's devouring cookies.


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I don´t think this will be the case. If you think about it 802.11a and 802.11b where 2 different things and the coexist and in some cases they were deployed in the same. It will be highly probably they will be in the same box 802.11ac (which is backward compatible with a,b,g,n) and 802.11-2012 . May be in the future they will merge the 3 bands. They cannot release 2012 alone because everything work in a,b,g or n, nobody will buy it in that way.

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Whatever the final version, I will never be able to look at it without thinking of the Cookie Monster (and improvised omnomatopeia - I think that's how it's spelt?) :)