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May 14, 2008
  1. Hello... I got a XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog Edition xxx and its PCI-express 2.0... i have PCI-Express 1.0.. how much better is it going to be if i have 2.0?? like in % or any thiing?

    And my GPU Fan its on 100% all the time.. dont know why .. but maybe because its overClocked.. from Clock 600 to 670 and Memry from 1800 Mhz to 1950.. maybe thats why..

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    There will not be any difference whatsoever. The 8800GT doesn't even use 1/2 the bandwith of PCI-e 1.0. PCI-e 2.0 is changing the bandwith from 2.5Gbit/s to 5.0Gbit/s, and allows for the graphics card to draw more power. You won't see any difference with the 8800GT and a PCI-e 2.0 motheboard vs. PCI-e 1.0 motherboard.

    EDIT: To change your fan speed, download and install RivaTuner. With that utility you can set the fan speed to whatever you want.
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  4. Ranij93

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    EDIT: To change your fan speed, download and install RivaTuner. With that utility you can set the fan speed to whatever you want.[/QUOTE]

    Nope it dosnt work... i have RivaTuner and nTuner and... donst work
  5. Ranij93

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  6. alisbin

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    yeah the ram and processor is the cause of the difference in fps, but your aren't going to see any difference switching to a 2.0 mobo. the issue is that the card itself isnt fast enough to use the 1.0 to capacity, all you'd be doing if you got a 2.0 would be increasing the amount of bandwidth that your not useing. (well you would end up with a mobo thats more upgradable for longer but thats a different issue)
  7. Ranij93

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    Thanks.. =D i sould not bought my 8800GT :( cant play cod 4 O_O with maxed.. 1440x900 :S need new mobo.. and processor and ram omg... my friend he got phenom and 4 gb ram he plays with the double FPS in cod4 and on a 1650x1050 =P
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    try reducing to like 1280x1024 at max
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    There should not be a FPS difference of 84fps on COD4 and 38FPS for you.

    I understand you have both same video cards. Soo the bottleneck is in the CPU.

    CPU's of today all you need is 2.8 to 3Ghz , after that no matter how high you go your 3dmark score might improve by 200 points or something, which doesn't matter in real world game. I believe you should be getting at least 60fps .

    Something is wrong in your config. Make sure you install mobo drivers, don't use on board sound, shut it off, its reducing FPS. Install proper WHQL video drivers and DX9 march. make sure no apps running taking up processes. You should be way higher then 38fps on a 8800GT despite your CPU, you should be 60fps if not more closer to your budds score. The only way we can tell if your config is right after doing the above is to run 3dmark 06 , Give us your score, and give us his score. You should be 10k to 11k easy. He would be 13k maybe. That not a big enough difference to cause that big of a frame rate difference... GL,,
  10. Ranij93

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    Nice post =D but i dont have 3Dmark :( Damm.. but thanks for the help
  11. NFSFAN

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    I'm running an Opteron 180 @ 3Ghz with an 8800GT. Guess what I get more fps than your friend. I get well over 100 fps at 1280x1024 AF x16 AA x4, all maxxed out. The problem is not your CPU, but either your card is throttling or the drivers you are using are a bit outdated. Either that or you have some forced settings in the Nvidia Control Panel. In COD4, regardless of having a single core cpu or dual core, or quad core, fps wise it makes very little difference. I was getting ~35 fps average with my old pc Pentium 4 and a x1950 pro. Try updating your game to version 1.5. It also depends if you are playing COD 4 Multiplayer or Single Player, as Single Player is much more demanding. However you should not be getting that low on fps, and if its not your drivers, check to see that the card is running at x16, and that your PowerSupply exceeds the specified wattage and amperage required by the video card.
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