9800 GT Or 8800 GT?

By Ritwik7
Nov 27, 2008
  1. Hi Guys.

    This weekend I'm planning on getting a new graphics card for my machine. Currently I have a 7300 GS on an ASUS P5B-MX motherboard with 2GB RAM and a P4 2.93 GHz. I was wondering which would be a better option, the 9800 GT or 8800 GT? In all comparisons they seem to turn out identical.

    And what about the 9800 GTX and 8800 GTX?

    Also would like to know if Sparkle is a reliable brand for a graphics card.

  2. EXCellR8

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    There's not a whole lot of difference between the 8800GT and the 9800GT. Basically, the 9800GT is just a 55nm version of the 8800 which means it runs cooler and overclocks a little better. Both GPU's have 112 stream processors and require around the same amount of power to run.

    I am not sure about the GTX cards, but if the specs are the same I would assume it's a similar story...

    I have never used a Sparkle card before but from what I hear they are decent. The odds of getting a bad card is like 1 in 1500 so chances are it will be more than reliable. Zotac makes some good nvidia stuff and their prices do compete with the well-known brands like XFX and BFG Tech.
  3. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    The 9800GTX is basically an OC'd 8800GTS G92 with new features enabled via drivers, like Hybrid Power etc. As a result it performs about on par with an 8800GTX, with the latter winning out at very high resolutions due to its greater framebuffer.

    I'd recommend the HD 4850 as a decent alternative to the 9800GTX, especially with the longer length and double-slot design of the NVIDIA card.

    As for Sparkle, it is one of the last brands you should go for. Stick with brands like eVGA, BFG, XFX, MSI, Sapphire, HIS, Visiontek, ASUS & Zotac instead.
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