A 64-core Mac Pro priced at $19,000+ rumored to arrive next year


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End of the month: want to revisit this.
The entry one is actually not that bad. Based on a competing boutique build with matching threadripper. Fact is for high end workstation computing all the prices are fair and competitive.

Given the M1 clearly runs circles around current Intel chips in most real-world use. I think the error here is the memory. Limiting the entry to 64GB is going to hurt it. The difference between high end desktop and low end workstation—memory.

At 32GB this would be any other Falcon or iBuyPower high end desktop.
At 128 it’s an entry “pro” workstation. With 64GB it’s a fluke. That’s barely enough for a 1Hr PR Raw to be held in memory for a conversion. So AV1 compression would tank on this.

As for the high end; if you’re complaining you’re not the target. A matching spec AMD would be in the same range, probably slightly higher. And an inferior intel build can be considerably more.
Head over to HP business and build a config.
I just tried: as close as I can get it’s $57270.40.
For someone looking for such a system this is great value.

Be interesting to see if Apple allows wiggle room in configs for memory. The entry at 128GB of ram for $6900 would be a sweet spot.