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By ColdBlizzardIce
Dec 1, 2005
  1. Ok, I am very sorry about only posting problems here but i need some help. Its been the same problem for awhile. The first is the graphics being very... i dont know how to put it maybe pixely and looking fuzzy and not rounded off in game movies. There is also some gameplay lag i get in games. 2nd problem is that games freeze after a period of time and I mean every game. I tested them all and if one works then the other freezes after awhile... i had one freeze in the begging of Kohan 2's in game movie. My other problem, i dont know if anyone has had the same, is my windows hanging in the windows startup with the blue bar just goin across for about two mintues then loads up into windows. My specs are in the profile.... any suggestions on this? I narrowed it down to be either the power supply or the graphics card and mother board. I have an Antec True Power V2 550W.

    If this is so I was goin to drop in my rig an Radeon X1800 XT 512mb, Enermax 620watt powersupply and maybe change the mother board. Need help because its too frustrating. This is my first built and everything is connected correctly, drivers all updated, flased bios. Dont know what temp its running at... dont know how to check that. Any help would be appreciated, if not then its understandable.
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    Sounds like an overheating issue. You may want to buy a can of electronics cleaner (compressed air) and blow all the dust out of your PC. (even if this isn't your main issue, its still a good idea). You may also want to check that all your fans are working properly by powering up the computer with the side off and watching the fans spin. (can be entertaining if you're easily amused like I am when I'm tired)

    The symptoms also sound like a possilbly failing video card.

    Edit: Also check your event viewer for suspicious occurances. If everything there is clean, then I'd definitely check for overheating.
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    Your motherboard should have come with some utility programs to monitor the CPU temps, perhaps something like Cool and Quiet. Anyway, run the CD that came with the motherboard to find any utility programs. If you don't have the CD or otherwise have problems, you can download them from the ASUS website. You can also go into the BIOS to determine temperatures but, of course, that doesn't give you a full picture since the system will be at idle at the time.

    The same goes for the graphics card. If temperature monitoring utilities aren't on the CD that came with the card, then check the Nvidia website.

    The system components listed in your profile are really good and it's a shame you're having problems. While it's frustrating, I encourage you to stick with finding the problem before resorting to changing out expensive parts. With that method you are bound to end up changing some that are prefectly good. Most of them should still be under warranty.
  4. ColdBlizzardIce

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    Thanks for the reply's! Well Cool 'n Quiet says its running at 2800mhz and the voltage is 1.39 and thats it. My Bios told me the Temp was 34 C at idle. I played a test through on Warhammer 40k to see if it would crash again but it didnt crash but got some unessecary lag. Checked my memory and its in perfect order along with the hardrive. One other thing i forgot to tell you is just recnently on some demos i have tested i have gotten some stuttering in sound while loading in the game screens. Very odd.
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