A strange echo

  1. If there is a better forum to post this question to please tell me. I thought I was confused when I was writing a simple script because I kept receving a NTVDM CPU cs:0556 IP:0101 op:63 68 6f 20 54 error message. So I started to remove lines untill I hit the problem.
    The entire script reduced to
    and I still received the same error message, when entered directly to the command line no problem, but when I put it in a bat or com file; error.
    The rest of the system is working fine and I just ran a newly updated virus scan so I am stumped, I thought that it had to be an error in my script file but it's too simple to go wrong.
    System is a 2 gigahertz AMD with 1 gig ram, running win xp pro. Any ideas?

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