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I have a rather ancient PC which still runs very well. I've replaced a number of components over the years but is now time for a new box. I used to go to the PC store (ha ha) and find a case which had the features that I was looking for. Now, I guess the only way to buy them is online and I'm not really looking forward to 3 or 4 RMA's in order to get something that will suit my needs.

As I have posted previously, I am not a gamer. I AM a power user and I look for features that I have learned from experience are important to have. I am also a user of Nuance speech recognition and prefer a system which runs quietly in order not to impede that software. I also have no interest in flashing lights, glass panels or doors that I must open on the front to get to controls and optical drives.

I prefer a black mid-tower of steel with space for 3 optical drives on the front and would like to have at least 2 USB 3 and perhaps 1 USB 2 port on the top front edge of the box along with a headphone jack, a microphone jack and the power button. an SD card slot would be nice too although I'll probably have to mod to get it on the front of the case.

I also prefer room internally for 2 hard drives and at least 2 SSD's as well. I'll probably also use 2 M2/3s on the main board. I also prefer the power supply to be mounted In the upper part of the case to keep the heat up high .

It would be nice to have a large fan in the front in taking air to blow over hard drives and a large one at the upper rear of the case back to extract heat. I also need to have filtration of the air coming in the lower front of the case. A small fan on the side panel to blow on to the area of the CPU (also filtered) is nice but not essential

I would be pleased to hear from anyone who could suggest such a case and recommend a source. I prefer stateside distribution just to be sure there isn't anything standing in the way of an easy RMA if necessary.


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You will need to use 3.5"-to-2.5" adapters for the SSDs, but that's the closest match I can quickly find to a specific set of requirements.