A world at financial war

By Archean
Jun 8, 2011
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  1. Will Greece Let EU Central Bankers Destroy Democracy?

    It is an excellent read about how financial sector is destroying the 'real' economy all over the world, I hope some of you will at least have the patience to read it, as it is the future almost every country in the world is heading for, except for few Asian economies with huge surpluses. And as Micheal is hoping, I too hope that Greeks will rise up and follow Iceland's example in ensuring that they stop this madness through their votes. It also gives an idea about where other western (heavily indebted) economies are heading too including US/UK etc. I remember a saying from one of my Law professors 'the space you leave is taken by thugs/criminals etc.' and this (explains) how not just people but nations are robbed in broad day light for the benefit of some, unfortunately with help of those who swore into protect the same people/nation.

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