A7n8x 400mhz DDR problem

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Jul 5, 2003
  1. JimShady23

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    I was getting annoyed when my overclocked 2500+ was getting as hot as 50c LoL and its running as a 3200+ hehe....I am in the cooler is better crowd but if I pay the extra cash for a nice HSF I expect it to keep it cooler than the norm....But like everyone has said there is nothing wrong with anything below 80c....if AMD recconends this range there is no if and or buts about it....You really think they want to RMA more CPU's than they have too ?

    But maybe just maybe AMD has a ploy that a CPU running at their " reccomended" temps will last just long enough for the warrenty to expire AND THAN BURN BABY BURN go buy a new CPU !!!!!! oh wait there not INTEL :) never mind
  2. MrGaribaldi

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    Did you read my previous posts?
    Because I did tell you where I got my info from...

    It's coming straight from AMD, who is the company manufacturing the cpu's in question...

    And I even commented that I used AMD as my source in my last post
    So now that I've shown (again) where I got my info from, and that it still shows that you are incorrect saying that running a cpu at temps over 60C will REALLY decrease it's life span, perhaps you'd be willing to show me where you get your (incorrect) info from?

    Mict> Creating a new thread to continue this debate is a good idea, but since there are so many posts in this thread that deals with this, it'd be best if they were moved to the new thread... That way we'll have a continuity which it'll be hard if anyone but a mod creates the thread...
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