Upgrading RAM question

I have an *old* desktop (HP 6200 Pro Microtower.) The manual is at http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c04224518

The docs say:
[FONT=sans-serif]The memory sockets on the system board can be populated with up to four industry-standard DIMMs.These memory sockets are populated with at least one preinstalled DIMM. To achieve the maximum memory support, you can populate the system board with up to 16-GB of memory configured in a high-performing dual channel mode.

For proper system operation, the DDR3-SDRAM DIMMs must be:
● industry-standard 240-pin
● unbuffered non-ECC PC3-8500 DDR3-1066 MHz-compliant or PC3-10600 DDR3-1333 MHz-compliant
● 1.5 volt DDR3-SDRAM DIMMs

So that seemed straightforward enough but then it started going into stuff that is way over my head
The DDR3-SDRAM DIMMs must also:
● support CAS latency 7 DDR3 1066 MHz (7-7-7 timing) and CAS latency 9 DDR3 1333 MHz(9-9-9 timing)
● contain the mandatory JEDEC SPD informationIn addition, the computer supports:
● 512-Mbit, 1-Gbit, and 2-Gbit non-ECC memory technologies
● single-sided and double-sided DIMMs
● DIMMs constructed with x8 and x16 DDR devices; DIMMs constructed with x4 SDRAM are not supported

I took the side off to look at the current DIMMS and they said "PC3-10600" (there are 4 x 2GB in total)

I'd like to bump this up to the max of 16GB so had some questions:
1) Is there any benefit to going with 4 x 4GB versus 2 x 8GB versus 1 x 16GB?
2) A lot of the RAM I see for sale is PC3-12800. Is this likely to work without issues? (even if it's not at full capacity)[/FONT]

The one I was considering going with is described as:
16GB Kit (2x8GB) DDR3 / DDR3L
1600MHz UDIMM,
PC3 / PC3L-12800 DIMM,
PC3 / PC3L-12800U Non ECC Unbuffered
CL11 2RX8 Dual Rank
240 Pin Desktop RAM Computer Memory Module

I can put the direct link if anyone wants to see it

Is this likely to work?

Thanks for any advice


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The CAS Latency requirement is the CL value - the memory you've listed is CL11, but the HP manual states it needs to support CL9.

So you need to select from the following:

A quick search through those ticks off as many of the boxes as possible. You're also better off going with just 2 DIMMs, rather than 1 or 4.