A7N8X-X No Audio Problem!

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May 12, 2004
  1. I can't get any audio out of the system and I think I've gone through everything. Here is my checklist. Please help if you can. The motherboard is new. Speakers are just basic Altec Lansings that came with a Gateway.

    Speaker inputs, connections, power- OK
    Sound Controls - Ok
    NVIDIA nforce unified drivers 4.24
    Device Manager shows:
    -Audio Codecs
    -Legacy Audio Drivers
    -Legacy Video Capture Services
    -Media Control Devices
    -MPU-401 Compatible MIDI Device
    -NVIDIA nforce Audio Codec Interface: Driver 6.14.431.1
    -Standard Game Port
    -Video Codecs
    Running Win2K Pro
    Trying to play music in WMP and according to the player it is working but no sound getting to speakers. I plugged the speakers into the headphone port on my laptop and they work fine. I did try the Realtek driver before installing the nforce unified driver and it wasn't working then either. I don't know what to do now, typically it was the driver problem in other computers but this is weird.
  2. Didou

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    Do you have any error messages in the event log ?

    Right-Click on "My Computer" -> Manage -> Event Log

    Are there any exclamation points in the device manager ?

    Launch NVSwap & while it's testing out the different speakers, play around with the connections on the soundcard & see if you can get some sound coming out ( turn the windows volume control to the max & set the speakers to a decent volume level so you're sure to hear them if you get the connections right ).

    Also launch the nVidia audio control panel & make sure none of the outputs are set to mute.

    PS. Welcome to TechSpot. Hope you enjoy your stay.:wave:
  3. stoneyos

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    Thanks for the welcome.
    Only device with ! is the USB controller
    No outputs are muted.
    Cranked volume and still nothing.
    Tried all three audio ports on mobo..in,out,mic.
    I have the nvidia Nview mixer in my systray as well as the MS sound icon none are muted.

    Bad mobo???
    Buy a sound card?
  4. r_nelson

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    i have the same mobo and when i got it i couldnt get the nvidia audio drivers to work so i had to get the realtek ac97 drivers. it works now. i would rather use the nvidia 1s tho but its all the same i spose. maybe you could try installing the realtek drivers and see if it works then
  5. Didou

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    Have you tried using the NVswap utility I posed above ?

    On the A7N8X ( non-deluxe ) & the A7N8X-X, the sound outputs can act as inputs. You have to configure them either through the Realtek driver or the NVswap utility.

    This is how the speakers should be hooked up ->

    2 Speaker setup :

    Lime connector -> Line out ( Front Spker Out )
    Light Blue --------> Line In
    Pink ----------------> Mic In

    4 Speaker setup :

    Lime connector -> Line out ( Front Spker Out )
    Light Blue --------> Rear Speaker Out
    Pink ----------------> Mic In

    6 Speaker setup :

    Lime connector -> Line out ( Front Spker Out )
    Light Blue --------> Rear Speaker Out
    Pink ----------------> Center/Sub
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