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A7V8X-X problem

By krondur ยท 28 replies
Jul 3, 2003
  1. Technozoic

    Technozoic TS Rookie

    Newbie Alert!!
    What has been resolved? I too have the A7V8X-X with AGP video and I'm getting the same 3 beeps. I have tried the suggestions mentioned in previous messages. Still at a loss, but very curious about possible solution.
    I have a Barton 2500, 350W psu, tried the agp and a pci video ...
    ...I'm just asking?
  2. ptitterington

    ptitterington TS Maniac Posts: 255

    I have had similar with asus boards, 1 was very fussy with which memory was insralled, you need to check the asus site and I mean exactly which memory even the same make.

    I also had the freezing problem once I could boot and the board not correctly detecting the cpu speed until I flashed to the latest bios and all has been fine since.:)
  3. Technozoic

    Technozoic TS Rookie

    I had not experienced the 4 beeps previously mentioned. When I pressed reset though, I got the 4 beeps too. That led me to the reset switch connection on the 20-pin System Panel connector. (Refer to page 1-20 of manual) I removed all connections, reinstalled Power Switch connection only and whadaya know.... it booted all the way up.
    Apparently, (and aside from being an *****) I had installed the connections incorrectly. Perhaps I may have had the IDE LED connection on the wrong location. What is up with those two pins labeled IDE LED above the 20-pin PANEL? I'm not sure if I'm guilty or not, right now I don't care cuz I'm doing the dance of joy because everything seems to be working fine.
    Much appreciation is to be distributed to you all because it is the hint of the 4 beeps that led me to the reset switch. (...the thigh bone is connected to the hip bone...)

    Who's Idea was this thing anyway???? .....it' a good thing!!!
  4. networ

    networ TS Rookie

    I had the same problem - 4 short beeps repeated forever. I've found that our technician connected the IDE LED connector to Sleep Switch pins...

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