A8V-MX motherboard problem

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Oct 27, 2009
  1. hi,
    I have a pc with config

    ASUS A8V-MX, samsong 120gb hard disk,DD1 512MB RAM,udm keyboard and mouse.

    Already i had problem with mu onboard LAN and i desabled it and put know external NIC

    Now when i work in PC abruptly it's going to stck in the sense lines with different colors on monitor and everything got dead , then i restart the pc and sometimes it works otherwise no signal is coming on monitor i mean the LED is just blinking on monitor.

    i checked my motherboard. i felt more heat on the power cable to the centre part of motherboard(4-wir socket) ,i thought ther is some short circuits in motherboard , but sometime it works , wht would be the problem
  2. mailpup

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    Are you using the onboard graphics or did you install a separate graphics card? I sounds like the graphics card (whatever you're using) is bad.
  3. lovetoesm

    lovetoesm TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i am using on board graphics card. if the graphics card has problem ,then will th motherboard get heated.I have mentioned that the 3 power transistors near the connector (power cable to mother board) is getting heated. when when i touch on the cable the heat is transferring back to the SMPS . I think you understood that which cable i am talking about.Or is it becoz of any circuits on board ?
    is ther any way to check .c when i am typing these it is working perfectly and no heat there on board.
    why am saying is it is more than that of normal heat when i got into the problem.please help me
  4. mailpup

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    The more you use the system more heat will be generated. I can't say how much is too much from your description. It really doesn't matter whether it is the onboard graphics or other circuits on the motherboard that are getting hot. They are all on the motherboard. The fact that the onboard graphics seems to fail when you use it a lot means, to me, you will have to replace the motherboard or add a graphics card. Because your LAN has already failed, it seems like your motherboard is on its way out.
  5. lovetoesm

    lovetoesm TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks :)

    anyway i am planning foe changing it , before that i just want to give for service lets check wht can they do.I think you are right it is going to die :rolleyes:
  6. lovetoesm

    lovetoesm TS Rookie Topic Starter


    an i think its not becos of usage . 'cos when it got stuch then only it is getting heeted when i restart . if its work perfectly ther is no heat coming from ther .
    the wires are getting heated like its going to burn. atleast the wires should not be heated that much in any circuit in my knowledge

    if i am changing the board they says that ther is no such board getting released
    i want to get a mother board which should support AMD Athlon 64bit Processor 3000+ Socket-939. do you know anything
  7. mailpup

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    I suggest checking Ebay. I checked and saw a lot of them listed.
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