Accidentally deleted my documents folder!

By waterproof ยท 7 replies
Sep 6, 2009
  1. I'm running on Vista Ultimate Anyway, I have done system restore but it really hasn't restored all the sub folders in my documents, i can't go via recycle bin because the deleted my document folder was more than 10gb so it permanently deleted, is there a way to recover all files?
  2. Bobbye

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    By design, System Restore does not delete files in the "My Documents" folder. That would include the sub-folders, such as My Pictures, etc. It also doesn't delete emails, nor would it be expected to restore them if they had been deleted by some other process.

    But System Restore can and will remove files from the Desktop if said files are different than those that were there when the restore point was made. Even then, however, the types of files that System Restore might remove from the desktop when going back to a restore point are most likely executable files. Picture files aren't in that category.

    Did you use some other 'cleaner' like CCleaner because SR didn't remove those docs.
  3. waterproof

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    No, but I did use recovery programs, i managed to get all my files back from the recovery program but there's one folder it did not recover and that's the received folder where i get received documents/files sent when I chat with friends, mysteriously that folder and all its contents can not be recovered :/
  4. CapnYousef

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    What was the name of the program you used to recover your files?
  5. superty12

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    Log off

    Log off and log back on again.
  6. waterproof

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    Power Data Recovery - the one actually got most back
  7. CapnYousef

    CapnYousef TS Rookie Posts: 38

    I agree, I actually already had that one :)
  8. levar

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    you can also try GetData Recover My Files
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