Accidentally disabled my display driver

  1. Recently I've got a new laptop it's a hp pavillion g6 it has a smashed screen but we use hdmi. A couple of days ago I was mucking around In the display drivers and accidentley disabled my display driver now all I see is a black screen and hdmi doesn't work and neither does a vga cable. Any tips on what I can do its a hp pavillion g6 thanks :(
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    This is critical issue.

    First, since the laptop is new, your laptop would be covered in warranty. Just visit the nearest authorized hp service center and get it fixed or get a replacement. You can get the list of authorized hp service center from for your location. If you have accidental coverage of warranty, then not to worry about the smashed screen at all.

    If you are out of warranty, visit a technician/service center. Charges apply.

    To fix the HDMI / VGA - display driver issue, you need to try these workarounds.
    1. You just had to do a hard boot and it'll boot in Safe mode. Then go to Device Manager and enabled the driver again.
    2. Try doing a power cycle.
      1. Remove ac adapter and then remove battery.
      2. Now, press and hold power button for 90 seconds to release the charge in the capacitors
      3. Replace power sources[Put the battery and Connect Ac Adapter].
      4. Then Reboot.
    3. If both the options didn't work, visit a technician/service center. Charges may apply.
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    Making changes to drivers isn't going to sort a smashed screen. I can't imagine that any warranty is going to help though you may be able to claim on a household insurance policy. If you read it up and are fairly good at such things replacing the screen would be worthwhile providing the lid, bezel and hinges are undamaged. Getting somebody to fix everything is going to be expensive. There's sure to be a restore partition to enable you to recover the laptop to its factory condition but if you need to do this back up any personal data first.
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