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Accidentally uninstalled audio and ethernet drivers

By GAP3R Ki113R
Nov 28, 2010
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  1. Hello i have a custume built computer that i got from my older brother because he up graded. i am horrible with computers. my problem is under standin it and wut not. her the big loop. i turn my computer on one day, bam no sound. so i looked into Realtek hd audio. sound in the controll panel nothin was muted and it look good i also tested my pc speakers with my ipod and the speakers are good. but no sound so i read a little more and found out that i might need new drives so i went to realtek and looked for there realtek hd audio drives for xp to get new drives. installed them rebooted my pc still no sound. so then me being a noob i went to add and remove programs and deleted everthing that had to do with realtek thinking i could go on the enternet and try from scratch. now i got two problems my ethernet jack has no drive or something now i have no sound or enternet i have screwed my self )=

    if anybody can help me i would really really help full
    o ps i do not have the cd from when me and my big brother built the rig )=
  2. KiddRiu

    KiddRiu TS Rookie

    First Realtek also do ethernet drivers so chances are you unistalled it as im guessing you have realtek ethernet.

    Best optionis to do the following.

    1 - Load your pc
    2 - Go to control panel located at the start menu
    3 - Select system in the control panel [choose classic view to make it easier to find]
    4 - A new window will appear with yout system details. Look for the tab named Hardware.
    5 - Next the window should change showing you at the first section Device Manager on a button click this button [if you know the other ways to get to device manage you can use them too]
    6 - Device manager should now load showing you a list
    7 - In the list shoud be Network Adapters click this.
    8 - A list should appear showing you details of your installed parts.
    9 - Copy the EXACT name of this device something like Realtek RTL Ethernet Nic or something in them lines.
    10 - Go on the net on another pc[Guessing you can as you posted on this forum]
    11 - Search google and you should easily find them or the auto installer from Realtek [if you actually have realtek ethernet]

    SImply download the drivers or installer across on a dongle or cd or what ever means and hay presto install restart have fun.[This is not the easist way but it is pretty much 100% ***** proff meaning any one can do it this way]
  3. GAP3R Ki113R

    GAP3R Ki113R TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you so much it work o=

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