Account will not load from Welcome Screen after 'Switch User'

By sagapo3851
Jan 12, 2011
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  1. Hey all,
    I just formatted my drive two weeks ago to finally fix all the problems I had and get my computer fully functioning again. I backed everything up to an external drive that stays plugged in. I've installed most of my basic programs back on, but as of a few days ago (actually, just after I finished Windows Updating), there's been a problem.
    Everything works perfectly until I either Switch Users (Win+L), or leave my computer alone for twenty minutes, which on resuming, I get to the same screen as if I switched users. I get back to the Welcome Screen, with my account already logged on. I type in my password, and it begins to log back on to my account, but only gets as far as loading my desktop background. Then it freezes and I have to hard-shutdown.
    My only idea was a Search Index that I got from Windows Update. It's something I got on here that I didn't have pre-format. I've tried deleting the source process and the process tree, but no use. I still can't log back on regardless of what programs I have open, if any at all.
    Any ideas?
  2. Tmagic650

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    Did the Windows version activate properly after the format and reinstall?

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