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Acer Aspire 4935G Random Shutdowns, Not Charging when turned on

By Geop Dyop · 7 replies
Jun 18, 2013
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  1. I don't how can I describe this problem detailed enough, But my acer aspire 4935G has been turning off randomly. this laptop has been with me for about 5years now and I suspect that because of the 'age', problems will occur.
    I still hope that you guys can help me repair this on my own.

    Windows vista, core2duo, 3gb RAM, 512mb video

    Here are the problems (mainly about shutting off randomly)

    -I will be using my laptop for the whole night and while using, with no heavy applications running, it will just shut off.

    -the processor fan is running. (I shared this info because I suspect that its due to overheating.) but will still shut off.

    -I already dismantled my laptop just to clean the fan. I removed the dirt. trust me, I really cleaned the fan and where the air is coming out. clean. still shutting off randomly.

    -I tried putting a desktop fan under the laptop, not just a usb laptop cooler, but really an electric fan to remove overheating, But still shuts off.

    -now here's the weird part, I play NBA 2k13, which we know is a very heavy game in terms of processing and video, and RAM, etc,. If I play NBA 2k13, it doesnt shut off! Ever! but if I do an alt+tab, to go to my desktop, after a few mins, it will shut off. weird, thinking that shutting off will mostly occur while playing games. But no, it doesnt shut off while playing NBA 2k13. (this is the only PC game I play)

    -if I go to ctrl panel>power options> "Acer ePower Management", and if I adjust my CPU Speed to "High" and "Maximum", laptop will shut off in few seconds. So right now, my laptop is always running in "Low".

    - for example ill be using my laptop for the whole night, in the morning, if I plug in the laptop, its charging, BUT if I pressed the ON Button, the charging STOPS. so imagine, if I dont have a battery inserted in the laptop, it WONT TURN ON, because its not charging.

    -now if I put the battery, and I turn on the laptop, it will continue to boot, BUT for as many as 10 tries or more, it wont reach my desktop because the laptop keeps shutting off. AND ITS STILL NOT CHARGING. Hope you guys can imagine.

    -now my battery is like dead. it doesnt last for an hour. I think this is a common problem for 5year old laptop batteries. so imagine the problem if my laptop wont charge even with the battery connected. I cant turn on my laptop. I just wish that the battery could hold enough power to complete the boot to windows.

    -charging of the laptop or electricity flow will resume in the laptop, after a few mins, only if I make it to windows. I don’t know what triggers the charging. But my laptop will just Start charging RANDOMLY.
    So this is like the best condition of my laptop, WHEN ITS CHARGING and NO SHUTTING OFF Occurs.

    -everything just starts randomly in my laptop, SHUTDOWNS AND CHARGING. and I cant really find what triggers the SHUTDOWNS and THE CHARGING.

    -if I remove the charger, laptop will turn off. battery cant hold the power.

    so those are the problems. I rEALLY HOPE THAT SOMEONE READ this. and Help me repair this on my own.
    Im not afraid to dismantle my laptop.

    what could be the problem? is it the battery? the fan? the charger?
    im planning to reformat my laptop, factory defaults or setting. install windows7. but will this help? is this a software problem?
    Please help. I know this is still a good laptop.

    P.S. While making this post, my laptop shut down TWICE! I have to save this to a word file. Pls Help.
  2. terry5880

    terry5880 TS Enthusiast Posts: 321

    Turn off laptop take your battery off then hold power buttin down for 20 seconds then plug in charger with battery still off then turn laptop on . what happens ? is laptop running fine
  3. Geop Dyop

    Geop Dyop TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Wont turn on.because if I turn it on, charging wont continue. it is when the laptop is off that it will charge. :( any more ideas?
  4. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,842   +193

    Remove the battery and AC power cord to the laptop.
    Flip it over and look at the fan slots
    Get a can of air (dust remover) start blowing away any dust or dirt in the fan and all vent slots on the bottom and sides.

    Keep the bottom up and now only connect the AC power back on.
    Flip it back over and turn it on
    Does the fan spin or do you feel any air flow? Might not at first until the unit gets hot.
    Does it turn on?
    Could be bad PSA (power supply adapter) those can be replaced easy for ACER

    Since you said the laptop is 5 years old the battery might be shot also.

    You might want to look into:

    Anker® Astro Pro2 20000mAh External Battery Charger High Capacity Power Bank for Tablets, Netbooks, Notebooks, Laptops

    To help aid you if you can't find a battery replacement.
  5. terry5880

    terry5880 TS Enthusiast Posts: 321

    So are you saying with the battery off and the charger plugged in it does not come on at all no lights no screen and you cant hear or see the fan under neath moving or spinning
  6. GhostRyder

    GhostRyder TS Evangelist Posts: 2,151   +588

    Well, based off what I am reading, it sounds to me like a bad ac adapter.
  7. terry5880

    terry5880 TS Enthusiast Posts: 321

    Yep either battery or charger
  8. Ralph Verdida

    Ralph Verdida TS Rookie

    We have the same laptop, with the same problem, I have to open games (GTA San Andreas and Alt+Tab) just to keep my laptop from not turning off in it's own for me to do my work. (Note that I don't use the battery anymore, it is always running on it's charger). I brought it to Acer service center and they told me the mainboard is now defective, there are no available parts anymore because it's a six years old unit. During the past years I was doing very heavy work with this laptop (Video editing, 3D animation) so I think it really has taken its toll on its lifespan.

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