Acer Aspire 5920 keeps freezing out of the blue

By Turbotimmeh ยท 5 replies
Aug 16, 2009
  1. hey thanx for reading this ok at the start of this year my computer has been freezing like it dose it at random. it can somtimes last 2 days without freezing up but not a week i dont remember how it started iv never had the back open so yer but the little cpu light on the computer just stays on and it just grones on and off then 2 secs lata the same so yer the only way i can get out of it is to hold down the button so yer i was wondering if any one could help mind you i have done virus scans by symantic, and avast iv also done a system restore on c drive but d drive is a segment of c drive like its been spit in part but i yer i need to know whats causing it like if its a program so i can stop using it ay thanx if you can help
  2. Moospammer

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    When it freezes, does it make an odd, repeated noise? If so, I'm having the same problem, I'm also on an Acer Aspire.
  3. Archean

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    Usually if system freezes like this during idle/or use logs of windows event viewer can help you spot what may be causing this. Go to Control Panel / Admin Tools / Event Viewer, and check for system /applications logs; usually anything with yellow or red tag is worth having a look at.
  4. Moospammer

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    I noticed the original poster hasn't posted this year, but I've just ran that and none appear to be red or yellow. I have my own thread though, so I'll stop hi-jacking now n_n
  5. Archean

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    yes, and thats why i replied to your post moos
  6. Turbotimmeh

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    hey sorry i haven not replyed back i had sent out lots of forums about this so i cant keep up with them all. it happend when i would play music through windows media player could be different to you but iv fixed it now i had vista and i download music from limewire and one day i was sick of my music i went through it all and deleted some stuff i did not like and some came with errors and that made it not freez as much also the ini files they are for folders like they store the info for that folder like the immage stuff so go to folder optons and click do not hide hiden files then just below that unclick hidde empty drives in compter folder and hide extensions for known file types and hide protected operating system files so uncheck them all then press apply and then serch in my computer for ini and then go through and delete all those ini files that are located in my music folder and then onece you have done that delete them from recycle bin and then restart the computer and then go through the folders and put ur images back on also i upgraded to windows 7 and that has helped big time so try that thats how i fixed mine so yer if you have got any more trubble just write back and ill try and reply quick good luck :)
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