Acer intros its first Windows 7 netbook, Aspire One D250

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Oct 13, 2009
  1. Acer announced this morning that it will offer Windows 7 Starter edition on one of its Aspire One netbooks. The Aspire One D250 has a 10.1" LED-backlit display -- the same as current Aspire One units, except for the higher 1,280 x 720 resolution. The device features a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N280 processor and GMA 950 graphics chipset, 2GB of RAM and a 5400RPM 160GB HDD.

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  2. JudaZ

    JudaZ TS Enthusiast Posts: 284

    "will offer Windows 7 Starter edition " ... I know Acer is a joke .. but still . Starter Edition???

    > No personalization options (changing background images/wallpapers or sounds)
    > No Aero
    > No DVD playback
    > No Media Center features at all
    > No domain support
    > No XP virtualization mode
    > No multi-monitor support

    the 3- app limit is removed now ..but still...

    more limits

    32-bit only support
    Home Group join only

  3. Atom is only a 32-bit cpu, so you can't use 64 bit Windows on it anyway...
  4. The starter edition makes sense. Acer wants to keep the cost down and avoid performance issues. A wise move with a new OS..
  5. 9Nails

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    Two complaints on the product, the price at US$553 seems about $200 too high when I compare it's sepcs to a Windows XP Netbook that out currently. And a missing NVidia Ion or NVidia Ion 2 option is a deal breaker for me.

    And the limitations in Windows Starter Edition seem arbitrary, but I don't think that this hardware would produce a good experience in Windows Seven Home Premium.
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