Acer laptop is stuck on Acer logo screen on startup

By deeznuts
Oct 8, 2015
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  1. It was working fine and all until I tried to go to an earlier build of Windows in the settings menu. It restarted and now I can't turn on. It's just stuck on the Acer logo. Please help me. My dad gave me this 2 months ago and I know he'll kill me if he found out. I've tried every command I've found on different websites. Fn+F6, F7, Repeatedly pressing F8 while holding down shift, pressing F2 for the Setup thingy that said on the bottom of the screen, F12 to change boot device, BUT NOTHING. Nothing happens. Is there any advice or answer you can give me??? Anything at all? Seriously, I know nothing about computers and stuff so I need MAJOR help on this.
  2. Gaganboparai

    Gaganboparai TS Rookie

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