Acer launches super-thin, Thunderbolt-equipped Aspire S5 for $1,400


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Acer is stepping up its game in the Ultrabook market with an updated version of their S3 model as well as an all-new Aspire S5 that's being touted as the thinnest Ultrabook currently available. The 13.3-inch laptop, which was first…

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Very interesting ultrabook, especially with the "magic flip" ports on the back. My only concern is what would happens if the mechanism fails, and of course the blahblahblah screenresoultion blahblahblah.

Carleton Wu

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I was getting all geeked out until I saw they put a crappy screen on this one!!! Anything over $1k should have at least one of the new 1080p screens.


another one with crappy screen resolution /cry
..still waiting and saving hehe :p


Oh wow, another 1366x768 panel from Acer!
They really must hate staying in business.