Acer XB240H Problem on Dual Monitor any last ditch advice?

Hello, thanks for allowing a newb to post.

I have an EVGA RTX 2080 Hybrid that I tried to add the above Acer monitor as a second monitor. My first being a ROG Swift (PG348Q). I have worked on an issue with EVGA for the last few weeks because the Acer monitor is black under normal boot and safe boot when two monitors are attached, and black under normal boot when the monitor is the sole monitor attached. It will only show, at a size of 3"x7" under safe boot when the Acer monitor is the sole monitor attached. The monitor is detected by both Windows and Nvidia, but can't be configured by either program.

I have tried all of the black screen fixes listed here on page 1-3 (, and then some suggested by EVGA. I didn't go through pages 4-6 since the monitor never worked as the second monitor. One of the fixes I used was DDU, which this site provides so I figured I would touch base here to see if anyone has had a similar problem, or any advice before I buy a new second monitor.

I've attached an HWINFO printout of my hardware specs with the Acer attached.



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