Acer's Predator X25 gaming monitor is the latest to feature 360 Hz refresh rate


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In context: Just when you thought that 240 Hz was becoming the golden standard for high refresh rate gaming, a company like Acer comes up with a new monitor that can do 360 Hz. Whether or not that matters to you depends on many things, such as your hardware being up to the task of running your favorite competitive games at a very (very) high refresh rate.

Asus revealed back in January its fastest ROG monitor to kickstart the 360 Hz era where blinking is a sin, as you lose a lot of action on screen, which refreshes every 2.8 milliseconds. Dell's Alienware also unwrapped a 25-inch monitor with a native refresh rate of 240 Hz but can be overclocked to 360 Hz.

Today Acer dropped announcements for several gaming PCs and accessories, along with its entry card into the 360 Hz club. The company's new Predator X25 gaming monitor sports a 24.5-inch, 1080p IPS display panel with a native 360 Hz refresh rate over DisplayPort 1.4, as well as HDMI 2.0b.

Just like the other members of the high refresh rate club, it's loaded with an Nvidia's G-Sync processor and not just general compatibility with the technology. This means that pairing it with a GeForce-equipped system will ensure you don't get any screen tearing.

Another interesting feature of Acer's new monitor is called LightSense, which uses a sensor to judge the amount of ambient light and color temperature to adjust the image on the display to be more comfortable for extended use. Then there's ProxiSense which reminds you to take a break after a set amount of time spent glued to the screen, a useful addition for those of you with a more sedentary lifestyle.

This comes on top of the standard support for "-5 to -25 degree tilt, +/- 30 degree swivel, up to 4.7-inch height adjustment, and +/- 90 degree pivot." Acer says the new monitor will start shipping in Q4 2020 and carries an MSRP of $1,275.

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Such a shame, it is the same IPS panel of that 360Hz ASUS except for no strobe light. So basically the motion clarity will be beaten by any of the current Zowie 240Hz that has strobe light on it. It need a 480Hz IPS (lol) to beat Zowie's piles of back LED patents.
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I for one believe there is a market for everything and that the free market is always right.

Whether you're some graphics designer, some Youtubber or some rich dummy with money that you can absolutely burn and you must have bleeding edge tech...

The free market exists for products like this.

I for one, however, am not in the market for this.
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Or dead on arrival.
Once you have played on a high quality oled display you wont ever look at ips or va screens ever again with their crappy zone lighting.
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So where will it end ? I assume at some point there will be frame rates reached such that going faster is simply undetectable by human eyes, So how fast will they go in the future I wonder.

Same goes for number of pixels, Are we soon going to see a point where adding more pixels and fps simply does nothing for our eyes and we have to move on to the next thing, Which I assume will be ray tracing. It's not hard to imagine now that one day the parts will exist to do full screen raytracing at pixel densities and framerates that are beyond our biological limits. Next step - Holodecks ;)

I started my computer journey on the Atari 2600 back in the early 80's, It's astounding to me how far they have progressed just in my lifetime.


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It's getting out of hand now. Once you've used anything above 60Hz, you'll never go back to it. For gaming, it's a huge difference. As a gamer, I can't tell the difference between 144 and 240Hz. Both are butter smooth in any game so 300+Hz seems utterly ridiculous.


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Cloud gaming is coming and it will eventually take over - lots of companies are investing in this at the moment including Intel and Nvidia who are developing hardware that can run this stuff on the cloud. Netflix replaced our dvd collections, game streaming will (eventually) replace our games collections.

If you can stream all your games at 60hz on an iPad For a small monthly fee then why would you buy an expensive rig?

Well, stuff like this is the answer. Enthusiasts and professionals.



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Meh. It's as much about actual response as meaningless refresh numbers anyway. You can have an average 240Hz monitor beaten by a very good 144Hz monitor in response times.


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Have they fixed the life expectancy of OLED technology?
If you use the protection built into the tv its just fine.
dont sit on bright static objects and burn in isnt a issue

I wont ever ggo back to a ips or va screen ever again.
once you have experiences OLED everything else will just look garbage it just pops.
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