Don't blink: If you do, you'll miss about 60 frames from Asus' new 360Hz monitor, which refreshes every 2.8 ms.

Asus and Nvidia have partnered to develop the ROG Swift 360Hz, which is now officially the best way to view esports titles. It's G-Sync compatible, so there's no tearing or ghosting despite the unprecedented refresh rate. Elsewhere are typical high refresh rate stats, coming in with a 1080p resolution and 24.5" diagonal length.

All that makes it perfect for competitive esports, which is naturally its target market: who the hell else is crazy enough to shell out for 360Hz? There are only two reasons why people will buy this monitor: one, they like showing off; or two, they're a competitive CS:GO or Overwatch player that needs every edge they can get.

There's reasonable evidence out there that shows 240Hz monitors making pro players' response times a little faster. Literally seeing the image a few milliseconds earlier is sort of irrelevant past 120 fps, it's the improvement in smoothness that lets the brain make adjustments that improve accuracy. This makes shooting a target running past a window a little easier and lining up a headshot on someone who's suddenly appeared next to you much easier.

The question is, does that scale up to 360Hz? Asus and Nvidia say it does (surprise!), and in their testing, they found it improved accuracy in a synthetic flick shot test by 4% versus 240Hz, which is a reasonable margin to care about for a professional player. For a regular player, that's probably not going to be a good value proposition for whatever outrageous sum this monitor will end up costing.

The Asus ROG Swift 360Hz won't be available until "later this year," but hopefully by then, Nvidia can treat us to a few more graphics cards capable of pushing this monitor to its limits.