Acer's Wi-Fi-only Chromebook now available for $349


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Only two days after launching US preorders for Acer's Chrome OS-based notebooks, Amazon has officially opened the floodgates today. The e-tailer is currently offering the Acer AC700-1099 Wi-Fi for $349 with…

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Don't know about hate, but since you're looking for negative opinions I'll say that this laptop is still rather meh for the price.


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bakape said:
And let the Chromebook hate begin!
Most people seem to dislike the Chromebooks, and not necessarily Chrome OS itself.

If you're going to unveil your flagship product, why put it on an underpowered and overpriced piece of hardware?

Throw in another hundred bucks and you can get a normal laptop with a full OS on it.


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A ChromeBook NEEDS to be £200 MAX or less.

This is silly trying to charge the same price as if it had a full OS, such as Windows on it.
Doesn't help itself that the hardware isn't great either.


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True. I have no idea why they didn't go with the ARM architecture from the start as well, at least as another option.


Is it freaking anyone else out looking at the keyboard.
Looks kind of childish, and no right click?!?!?!

Though thinking about it... It probably won't be needed....


Most users .. DONT agree that the value isn't there compared to windows laptops. The build quality is outstanding, and the architecture of the OS means it will surely out last the under $500 disposable windows "laptops". Chrome books are outselling net books and tablets.