Active sync 2 sets of contacts

By Ididmyc600
Mar 2, 2010
  1. Hi

    apologies if this is in the wrong forum, cant seem to find one that fits..

    Right here's the background so you understand

    My new company has just given me a nice smart samsung omnipro PDA.

    This has been setup to sync with the works exchange server via GPRS and download my mail, contacts etc etc

    However, i am still with my old company for the next few days and on their exchange server i have stored in my contacts about 10 years worth of phone numbers of pretty much everyone i have needed to speak to.

    Now im not leavng the old company as such the 2 of them have partnered up so i need the phone numbers of about 90% of them.

    I access my exchange for the old company through Outlook using a secure HTTPS connection, this means that i can see and edit my contacts, mail etc etc.

    i can only access my new company via an web based version of outlook

    Ok here's the problem

    having setup a partnership with my laptop via active sync it sees my outlook account and the PDA shows both the laptop account and the work account.

    But if i sync to outlook on my laptop and thus get my old works contacts then when i try to change it to also then get my new company contacts via the GPRS connection, activesync deletes the existing contacts.

    In other words, i cant sync both sets of contacts, as doing one deletes the other..

    I am sure there is an answer to this but i cant seem to find it.
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