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Activision confirms a "new, innovative" Call of Duty from Infinity Ward will arrive in 2016

By midian182 ยท 24 replies
Feb 15, 2016
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  1. Activision Blizzard released its quarterly financial report last week, and it didn’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that Infinity Ward will launch a new Call of Duty game this holiday season. Activision did say, however, that this will be a new “ innovative” entry into the long-running franchise – not a word usually associated with Call of Duty.

    There’s been a Call of Duty game released every year since Call of Duty 2 in 2005. The development of the titles was split between Infinity Ward and Treyarch on an alternating yearly basis but the franchise moved from a two-year to a three-year development cycle in 2014, with Sledgehammer Games joining the other two studios as a lead developer.

    It will be Infinity Ward’s first Call of Duty game since 2013’s CoD: Ghosts, which was the first game in the series to appear on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The developer knows it has a lot to live up to - last year’s entry, Black Ops 3 from Treyarch, was the best selling game of 2015.

    We don’t know what the upcoming game will be about; it could be a new Ghosts or Modern Warfare, but Infinity Ward did post a tweet mentioning “reaching new heights” last month that included a picture of an astronaut. Could this hint that the game will be set in space (like the brief section that appeared in Ghosts)? It could explain why Activision is using the term “innovative.”

    Activision reported that its quarterly and yearly sales were down last year. The company’s adjusted revenue for the quarter was $2.12 billion, down from $2.21 billion from the same period a year earlier and below its forecast of $2.15 billion. Total revenue for the year was $4.62 billion, compared to the $4.81 billion it made across all of 2014.

    The company said that two of its expected big-earners, Skylanders Superchargers and Guitar Hero Live, performed weaker than it anticipated. Activision blamed this on greater competition in the toys-to-life genre and the “casual audience’s shift to mobile devices.”

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  2. wastedkill

    wastedkill TS Evangelist Posts: 1,423   +350

    Haven't these past CoD "Innovations" been stolen from games in the late 90's and early 2000's? Seems to me in the next 4 CoD games we will be doing time travelling dimension destroying missions with the paces they keep on going....
    trgz likes this.
  3. Arris

    Arris TS Evangelist Posts: 4,696   +427

    "Innovative"... probably just because it will use DX12.
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  4. EClyde

    EClyde TS Evangelist Posts: 1,833   +679

    There is nothing new...anywhere
  5. Adhmuz

    Adhmuz TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,924   +712

    The only thing I think of when I hear about a new CoD games is a quote from Tron; "This year we put a "12" on the box." That's about the level of innovation the franchise holds in my eyes. Just this year it'll take place in space, oh boy, Borderlands already did it, and at least you got laser weapons in that and most importantly a story that wasn't about America saving the world from tremendously stupid odds...
    trgz likes this.
  6. JLix36

    JLix36 TS Rookie

    Come on now. Are we still on the wagon of bashing COD? Not innovative. I've played the new Halo, played Destiny, played Borderlands., played Battlefield. Let's not pretend that any of those games offer the same speed, graphics, smoothness that any of the COD games offer. Ok, so has a lot changed over the last few years? Several things have yes, but does it really need to change? BO3 is probably the best COD game in the last 5 renditions. People love it. If you don't, that's just fine too, but why does everyone have to get online and bash COD for doing things right. They have a great game. Great franchise. Great fan base. Play something else and be positive about that, but just stop already.
    Lonewolf12 likes this.
  7. yRaz

    yRaz Nigerian Prince Posts: 2,895   +2,220

    My problems with COD mainly have to do with the way it's sold and marketed, this latest cod game was pretty fun, but I still didn't buy it.

    The problem with cod is that the price for the full game is around $120 and the game is dead almost a year after release because a new $120 cod game comes out.
    RyanWood likes this.
  8. Microtransactions and trying to be a sifi-shooter when it use to be a somewhat realistic war story shooter is why it deserves all the bashing it gets. I had more fun playing MW3 than Ghosts, AW (tied with Ghosts as the worst in the whole series in my opinion), and BO3. They design the gameplay around shitness so you will have to buy into the microtransaction bullshit.
  9. No I expect this innovation they speak of probably has something to do with fish moving out your way or a dog moving in your way. Hell maybe they will let you ride the dog this time...
    Arris likes this.
  10. Evernessince

    Evernessince TS Evangelist Posts: 4,008   +3,503

    Graphics? Did you just time travel here with your delorean from the 1970s?

    Speed? Oh, you mean that's a twitch shooter? That is copied off of Titanfall, quake, crysis, and pretty much every other FPS to get what you call "speed"? Or is it that it's too fast for it's own good, maps are far too small, and it's still so pathetic that you can be spawn camping and a horrid spawn system are still in use?

    I'll tell you one thing Call of Duty has managed to accomplish. It's single-handedly managed to homogenize the FPS genre. Now 90% of FPS games are COD style. I can't even remember the last FPS I actually wanted to buy but I guess that explains the demand (at least in part) for half-life 3.
  11. Uncle Al

    Uncle Al TS Evangelist Posts: 5,400   +3,793

    LOL .... darn, everybody else used my best responses! Oh well, time for a nap anyway ....
    Arris likes this.
  12. Shuin

    Shuin TS Rookie

    Innovation ..... yeh after that extremely useful FISH AI , the enhanced microtransactions dictated by an RNG god and the shitty gameplay for kiddies with the SMGs being the most OP weapons in the game ?

    congratz ... you can keep that shitgame you made ...

    not to mention that PC gamers get treated like **** in the sewers and get the most bugged , unpolished version each year since ghosts !!!

    im glad so many new shooters are comming out in 2k16 and 2k17 !!!!

    time to jump off the CoD ship !
  13. It's not a bandwagon. A bandwagon implies a momentary flash of popularity for a particular thing. CoD being garbage isn't an acute case of unpopular sentiment: that garbage is chronic.

    1. Speed. If by "speed" you mean that CoD is a team-based quickdraw game... yes, it is peerless.

    Gene Wilder, equipped with quickdraw handle (2:07):

    2. Graphics. In-game CoD graphics are slightly above par. Nothing impressive at all.

    3. Smoothness. It's only "smooth" on consoles because, unlike PC, it's one of the few titles that runs at 60. +1 for optimization. Outside of that, still par.

    CoD is popular for the same reason Destiny moved a bunch of copies on launch: it's a passable game with great marketing. It's the iPhone of shooters.

    Outside of that, they haven't innovated a thing in the past 10 years insofar as gameplay is concerned.
  14. hahahanoobs

    hahahanoobs TS Evangelist Posts: 2,555   +921

    *sigh* No hints of developing a new game engine.
  15. extintion fan

    extintion fan TS Rookie

    So hoping for another extinction game...never cared about the cod campaigns but the replayability and teeth farming in extinction side games blew away any zombie stupidity...
  16. tamarus19

    tamarus19 TS Rookie

    Just PLEASE no more futuristic crap! BO3 at least did it right, compared to that joke of a so-called game AW. But many people want a good realistic war game again. If they really pursue this space thing let's just hope it is 1 single Multiplayer map (big space station) at most, just for the novelty, we could live with that.

    There's no way Infinity Ward can be living in a bubble, they've seen and heard the tremendous backlash on the EXO suits (fingers crossed). But hey, if they mess it up, I'll gladly play BO3 for another year. I played Ghosts for 2 years, with a short 2 month break when I tried AW but then quickly sold that crap back to GameStop.
    RyanWood likes this.
  17. ikesmasher

    ikesmasher TS Evangelist Posts: 3,050   +1,384

    Just have a back to basics, modern time FPS. simple to learn class setup and decent maps without incredible gimmicks. Hell they could remaster MW2 and take my money...
    cartera, JanTheMan and RyanWood like this.
  18. Kiddcyr

    Kiddcyr TS Rookie

    Well I think it's a new Ghost's game and the picture of astronaut is that of maybe ghost team taking down what was a threat to last ghost game the satellite weapon that destroyed everything?
    RyanWood likes this.
  19. RyanWood

    RyanWood TS Rookie

    Is it just me?? Or has Call Of Duty just kind of spat in its own face a little. It interested me because of its attachment to mimicking real life. A weapon known as a UMP45 exists - Ill link you an image of one along with this rant. (for anyone reading this on my own Facebook)
    Now I'm not saying that Call of Duty Modern Warfare series was realistic. Im saying that the real life counterparts, Im saying the things that exist in real life - are exciting to me. Ive seen helicopters. I've never been in one, but I have watched a medical helicopter take off and hover in a test on a regular service. My place of work. A video store. (when they existed) the store Backed up to a Hospital.
    I can get excited about a chopper gunner, or have an ariel support like in Modern Warfare, because I can understand it. and have an emotional response to that reward. I liked flying the recon drone and it was an excellent way to rank through prestiges.
    I have never had a R.A.P.S, and quite frankly I couldn't care less to know how many points I need to get one. This is not because I am a terrible player. This is because I cannot fathom seeing or understanding one IN REAL LIFE. Because of this - ive got no drive to get one.
    A What? A cluster of remote controlled balls. That auto (sort of) follow your trajectory?? I cant understand this. Ive never seen this in real life.
    So wheres that magic???
    That Scorestreak. That magic one that
    if it was in a carepackage. Youd dive to prone to get. Youd die for it.....
    A Remote controlled missile??? - That thing was rare in Black Ops one. Valkyrie Rockets.Thats now failed to impress twice. If someone dropped it in a care package and died. - I wouldnt take it. You had it perfected in Modern Warfare. It was called a predator missile. It was deadly. You could use it to chain onto your next scorestreak. if you could get to cover to use it. You could stop someone capping a flag - it had strategic advantages and it was cheap.
    Remember the AC130?? That thing in the air. and A whole Team could go from dominators to a team of troubled bitches. It was perfect. It was hard to get, and when you earnt it - it was really satisfying.
    ----- What is its counterpart to the new age of Black Ops... Advanced Warfare.... ??? Where is that one killstreak that makes an entire team change class... almost immediately after death???
    Now lets address that elephant in the room. The movement in the games Advance Warfare and Black Ops 3 so far has been unbearable.
    You said it yourself concerning why you wouldnt play Advanced Warfare I think. "Boots On The Ground." That stuck with me.
    It goes back to what I was rambling about earlier.
    That connection to real life is lost to me now. Everyone is launching themselves onto rooftops. You can slide out of shot.
    behind a rock or cover of some kind.
    This radical change that has swept through quite VEHEMENTLY for me it.... It will simply not suffice!!
    The solution (short time) for me is in the post. I gave out my friend my old Xbox 360. I found one online cheap and I cant wait to get back to that "Boots on the Ground" mentality.
    Ive bought my friend a Copy of Modern Warfare 3.
    Im going back to what I consider the Pinnacle of Call of Duty.
    The Long Term is to cross my fingers and hope for a Mode rn Warfare Four with a BOOTS ON THE GROUND MENTALITY!!!
    Thats always a good start to a game like.
    cartera likes this.
  20. RyanWood

    RyanWood TS Rookie

    I did the same with Ghosts and AW. Boots on the ground mentality is where its at.
  21. Wendell25

    Wendell25 TS Rookie

    I find it hilarious (amazing as well) that people endlessly complain about CoD. I love CoD and find the cycling of companies and ideas endlessly entertaining. I enjoyed Ghosts for a good run (yeah, the maps design was lacking but I had fun), had a great time playing Advanced Warfare even if it took a bit to get the movement down it was worth the effort. Bo3 is the most challenging game by far and I love the fact that I have to be totally on top of my game or things will not go well. Treyarch is very quick to adjust things based on gameplay (I assume that there was a reason for the long fixing period of the Exodus map), and the nerfing an buffing of various weapons and perks has been done right for the most (of course, everyone complains about these, but that's usually because they were enjoying something because it was OP and now it isn't.)

    I'm an older guy (52) and I can tell you why most people complain. They have "come of age" in a certain iteration of the game and the excitement and rush of that first thrill isn't duplicated with the next iteration of the game. I am always hearing how great some other version was, but really, those games were not as good as the current ones ... they were just the one that gave you that first thrill. I can rant and rave about how no game has ever been better than William's Stargate in the arcade in the 80's (and believe it), but nobody cares, nobody can see it who wasn't there, and in reality ... the new games are better, they just don't have the thrill that a new game did when I was 17. Fact is, though, every new CoD to me has been super-fun to play and I am amazed at where games have gone and what I can do on a screen in my house (I tell my kids that when we played war, we ran around outside with a hockey stick as a gun ... old man stuff, but true ... and how absolutely incredible it is to me to have such a real-feeling experience against real people). I find it really weird when people resent game development that tries something that isn't the same as their favourite game ... I expect the next game to be different, I expect the companies to try to break the mold, and I really hope that they never stop doing something that I didn't expect in the next game.

    Complaining about CoD is like that Louis CK bit where he talks about people complaining that the WiFi is down on their commercial flight. "You're in an aluminum tube a mile in the air going 600 miles and hour, and you're complaining because you can't watch YouTube???!!" Get some perspective folks, these are amazing times, we can go to another world and do cool things every day on our PS4, and next year a new toy will land in our laps and we get to start all over. That's ridiculously cool.

    Oh, and the cost. I bought the season pass for Bo3 and that comes out to about $10 month. How much do you pay per month for your stupid phone so that you can text "sup" a hundred times a day? CoD costs about as much as Netflix, for Pete's sake. Quit yer whining.
  22. WaxlR1987

    WaxlR1987 TS Rookie

    Stop complaining about wanting a realistic shooter and play ARMA or Battlefield 4. Both of those games are amazing in terms of realism. Who am I kidding the second y'all play those you'll cry because of bullet drop and real accuracy
  23. MWWarrior

    MWWarrior TS Rookie

    Absolutely agree. MW3 was the best of them all. Always enjoyed the older versions by infinity ward. I hope the new one is going to be MW4 , a realistic shooter without those ridiculous weapons and exoskeletons they introduced in more recent games. Don't let us down infinity ward!
  24. Lonewolf12

    Lonewolf12 TS Rookie

    Well said Wendell25. I am also an older gamer (44) & like you, grew up playing games in the arcades during the 70's/80's. They were alot of fun but extremely primitive compared to what we have nowadays. Are the games today perfect? Hell no! They're buggy, expensive, require regular upgrades to our hardware, have high ping rates & usually a few hackers during multiplayer matches. BUT....they are still alot of fun & immersive & realistic looking compared to the good ole days of playing 2 dimensional games like Pac-man & Asteroids. We also no longer have to go drive to an arcade, wait in line to play a game & use endless quarters to get good at it. These kids today don't know how good they have it.
  25. jusso6

    jusso6 TS Rookie

    did you really just say cod has better graphics than battlefield *eyeroll*

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