Adata unveils "the world's fastest M.2 SSD"

Tyr Antilles

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I have ADATA SX8200 PRO 512GB from the beginning of this year and the computer really fly with it. It is a big difference from my old Samsung SATA SSD. Never had any problem with it. I also have 3 memory sticks from Adata, 2 of them 5 years old and never had issues with them despite using them almost daily. So, I guess reliability is a matter of luck.

However, I believe the difference in speed between my SX8200 PRO PCIe 3.0 and XPG Gammix S70 PCIe 4.0 would be minor for my workloads because I rarely transfer very large files. I guess 4k random read/writes won't be hugely faster on the newer drive.

Ben Myers

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And how is the reliability of the AData device? What does AData predict for the life of one of it's M.2 devices in terms of number of terabytes written before failure?


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Yes... typo on my part... fixed... but no, he didn't say that... or at least, that's not what his post implied. He was replying to someone who said the drive wasn't good by saying that in his experience, the drive is great...

But to actually state that the drive is great, you need actual data - your own personal experience is statistically irrelevant.
No, that's EXACTLY what I said