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By ericboston58
Oct 26, 2011
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  1. Hello,

    I set up a network at the office to have a secure internet connection. I have 6 computers running windows 7 and 1 laptop running XP. When I viewed available wireless networks all these found the network and asked for security key. Once entered all work perfectly. I have 1 other PC running XP that shows I am connected but I cannot access any website (access linited). On this machine I never got the prompt to enter security key. If someone could walk me through this I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Rick

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    Typically, "Limited access" means your computer cannot communicate with the DHCP server (ie. router). As a result, it cannot get an IP address via DHCP.

    One possible cause: For XP to remember a wireless network, it creates a unique "profile" for it. If someone were to enter the password/key wrong while connecting to the wireless network for the first time, they would also get the "limited access" problem.

    I would suggest deleting the wireless profile and setting it up again with the correct WEP/WPA key.

    1.) Start > Run
    2.) Type: ncpa.cpl and click OK
    3.) Right click your wireless adapter and click "Properties" on the menu
    4.) Click "Wireless Networks" tab to see a list of profiles
    5.) Delete the names of each network you're having problems with
    6.) Add your wifi networks as normal

    If you aren't using Windows' built-in wifi utility, then those steps may not work for you and the solution will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

    Another possible cause: Windows may have a damaged "winsock". You can repair it by:

    1.) Start > Run
    2.) Type: cmd.exe and click OK
    3.) Type: netsh winsock reset
    4.) Press enter and reboot once the command you typed completes successfully

    Another possible cause: Wireless MAC filtering not allowing that laptop to access the network

    It is possible whoever configured your wireless is using MAC filtering to prevent unknown devices from connecting to your wireless. If that is the case, you'll need that person to white list your laptop's MAC address.
  3. ericboston58

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    Thanks so much for the reply. It looks like the winsock refresh may have done the trick. It's only been an hour of staying online but I was only getting 10 minutes before.

    I have another question, not sure if I need to repost. One of the other computers which worked fine all day yesterday and is on Vista not 7, seems to have lost the network. The new network does not show up in the available network list at all. Any suggestions?

  4. Rick

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    Hmmm.. Not sure about that one.

    If you're wireless network doesn't show up, then either your wireless network has a hidden SSID (ie. name) that the laptop can't see because it doesn't remember how to connect to it or the wireless network simply doesn't exist any more.

    You may want to try deleting and recreating the wireless profile for the network you'd like to connect to. The instructions are quite different for Vista/7.

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