Adidas showcases pricey fitness watch with GPS tracking, Bluetooth and heart rate monitoring

By Shawn Knight · 4 replies
Oct 16, 2013
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  1. Another day, another new entrant into the wearable devices category. This time it’s Adidas that has joined the mix with its own smartwatch of sorts geared toward runners with a built-in GPS system, pulse-based heart rate tracking, Wi-Fi connectivity, accelerometer...

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  2. There's a lot of things that do not communicate with my smartphone, and that are even more expensive than $399, and they are still able to play a useful role in the society. Counter to common opinion, it is, in fact, possible to be useful and not be able to communicate with a smartphone. Come to think of it, if we understand "communicate" as "converse", it makes even more sense, because, I think, people who talk to their smartphones instead of talking into them, are often being locked up, which makes them pretty useless. So let's be tolerant about it, and give devices that do not communicate with our smartphones equal opportunities as we give to those that do. Maybe they are able to do something else instead!
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  3. The price point is downright ridiculous seeing as you can get all of the reported features of this device for a fraction of that cost elsewhere. I mean, this device might be a half elegant solution for a few features, but the price point doesn't justify this elegance.

    I'm not sold, or turned off by "wear-ables". Generally I think the watch devices currently available are rather tacky or just not worth it. I haven't seen anything that looks all that wonderful or offers enough to pull the trigger on a purchase. I'm pretty certain if you just wait long enough there'll be cheap alternatives to the nonsense adidas or samsung has put out. Who knows, maybe Apple's offering will knock our socks off with a new way to purchase stuff from them.

    I'll pass. And so will everyone else.
  4. Apparently Techspot either has not done their complete research, or is being paid by Apple because this watch is apparently much better
    than this article leads you to believe. The Adidas watch seems to run Android as well as pair with Android devices according to this link:

    "Was removed by Techspot" so you will need to research yourself.

    So now that you are better informed you can now make a better decision, price is still a bit high though.
  5. Wow, that's a pretty ridiculous price point. My phone doesn't even cost that much. The updated fuelband is just right for me.

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