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Feb 5, 2009
  1. I just completed a reformat of my hard drive and was in the process of putting everything back the way it was. I downloaded Firefox and then I noticed that none of the flash was coming through on the sites. I went to adobe, downloaded the plugin installer and then ran it. That's when I got the error. It stops about half-way through and says that I don't have enough memory, that I need to free up 5000kb to install, seeing how I have a couple hundred gig left free I don't see how this could be a problem. I have win xp pro SP3, and everything is up to date. Someone please help cause I don't want to have to go back to using IE.
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    Well, thanks for the tips, however, it still didn't work. Got any more idea's? I'm not really in the mood to do a whole new reformat just because of one stupid plugin.
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    Nope. Same ol' error. I think I'm going to skip the reformat and go straight for the shotgun.
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    You simply can't have a "couple of hundred "gig" of memory left. You're confusing system RAM (random access memory) with the capacity of your hard drive.

    Now, how much RAM is in the system?
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    system has 2gb of ram with 1gb free at any given time. Don't see how that can be of use when the installer is referring to hard drive space.
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    I went over to Adobe support and read through the articles
    The only solution I can see (other than Ram and Pagefile limit options) is to confirm Administrator account, and confirm all presently installed files are removed (including temp files)

    Regarding temp files, CCleaner is best
    Regarding presently installed files, you could also run the registry cleaner in CCleaner

    Other than that, re-install Firefox
    Test memory or Harddrive
    Or run a Repair on your nearly formatted system (by the way, next time don't format - removing the partition is much cleaner)
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    Ok. Well I very much appreciate all the suggestions but it appears this is just some sort of glitch in the matrix that nothing is going to take care of. Seeing as how it has made firefox useless, I'm just going to kill my entire drive again, luckilly I haven't had the chance to put very much on it. Thanks again
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