ADSL internet connection sharing help needed

By Xeno
Aug 25, 2009
  1. Okay, this is the very first post here itself :p

    I am getting a ASDL line (Broadband via telephone cable)

    the setup which ill have according to the company which is providing it.

    (erm not alllowed to post images or links ..just add the http :p)
    Now I possibly would share it with others ( I live in a hostel on the uni)
    So I am thinking it'd be something like this
    My PC runs on WIndows XP SP2 and also all the other PC's concerned.

    The router will be supplied by the company so ill have to wait till it arrives to know which manufacturer made it. Although the starter kit says that I will be getting some sort of CD accompanying the router.

    The line will be a 512 kbps with no upload/download limit
    At most two computers will be using the connection.

    The question is ..

    What I am not sure about is how to erm.. configure each PC to use the same internet connection via the hub. I dont want to call up the company providing it since they'd charge extra for the installation which I dont think is too much of a task.

    Another concern:-

    Also in the second diagram, the desktop2 and laptop will be located in a room which is separate from mine which is about 20-30 meters away. Will the ethernet cable face issues with data getting lost due to the length of the cable ?
  2. gguerra

    gguerra TS Guru Posts: 319

    More than likely the phone company will provide you with a wireless router in which case you will need to get a wireless adapter for the desktop or run an ethernet cable to it. The laptop if it is a recent model will already have the wireless built in. Once you set up one PC using the supplied CD then your DSL will be active. Once that happens you can access the router through a web browser and set up encryption to access the wireless network. You will need an IP address to access the router (this is the same as the gateway address) as well as user and password which will be a factory default (look in the docs) Use at the very least WEP and if possible use WPA. set up a password for it (usually called a passkey). You will only need this for wireless connections and it prevents unauthorized access by your neighbors and such. Wired connections should work right off without little to no configuration on your part.
  3. Xeno

    Xeno TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Unfortunately no :( They are not having an option to select wireless routers.. (just dont ask the policies.. i don't have any other choice for any other ISP )

    So its pretty much a standard wired router.. with the ethernet thing..

    Also another problem is that since I live in a hostel and there are numerous laptops which are wifi enabled, I don't want to have people bug me to pass the network key so that they can log on. Hence cable it is !

    Thank you
  4. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,128   +982

    the setup
    will give you typically one connection
    (ie many are just modems). To add multiple systems to one ADSL connection you need
    and the router can be wired or WiFi
    The router provides NAT and DHCP services so that every system that connects
    gets a LAN address (via DHCP) and the router performs the NAT to allow the sharing.

    BEWARE! ISPs don't want you to provide service 'to all your buddies' in the dorm,
    and if they see more than just a few LAN addresses, they may (and have the right) to
    shut you down.
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