Advanced System Care 8 is crashing my system

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Feb 14, 2015
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  1. I have been using Advanced System Care (ASC) for years (versions 4-7) without problems. Suddenly, version 8 is giving me a BSOD everytime I run it. IOBIT can't tell me what's wrong. They are blaming my system, Norton (which I also have been using for years in conjunction with ASC), anything but their software.

    Can anyone help me determine exactly what is causing this trouble. If I have to get rid of ASC, it goes!

  2. bazz2004

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    Great idea to get rid of it. Think of the money to be saved. Same goes for Norton. There's loads of really good free security software and, if you've not come across it yet, CCleaner is a useful free utility.
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  3. Carlos1602

    Carlos1602 TS Rookie

    I recently renewed my subscription to IOBOT Advanced Systemcare Pro and upgraded to Version and I have all sorts of problems. There are several functions within the Toolbox that do not work and I have tried downloading from another website, reinstalling the software and still the same issue. In contacting their customer service department I got an email from someone with a made up name asking me to run a diagnostic tool and send them back the results which I did. I then followed their suggested course of action which made no difference.

    Despite my having contacted them and explained every little detail in clear concise English, I get a half-hearted reply that does not address my concerns. Given that I wrote to them on the 17th May and these issues have yet to be resolved I have visited my account and have removed my credit card details as even if they help me resolve these issues then I shall not be renewing my subscription again.

    Also the desktop system monitor eats up the RAM on my laptop and I disabled that and when I took a trial of their Driver Booster application all that I got was the blue screen of death so all in all I have no confidence in IOBIT software.
  4. mailpup

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    According to their website you have 60 days to request a refund. Why not do so?
  5. Carlos1602

    Carlos1602 TS Rookie

    Yes thanks I have just written to them they are hopeless in responding and will not use them again

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