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Advanced Tabs in CCleaner

By compused
Feb 4, 2009
  1. In the past, whenever my partner's computer got infected, he always called in a technician to completely wipe the drive and start from scratch. He got his computer from someone who builds computers and most of the programmes weren't even complete and, when I came to live with him, he didn't have a legal version of Windows XP. Eventually, we got so much stick whenever the system wanted to update, he paid a fee and bought the legitimate Windows XP.

    He had Outlook Express for his e-mail but some of its features were missing. I had the whole legimate package of Windows Office Professional, so when we last had the drive cleaned because of infection, we installed this package instead and used Office Outlook for our e-mail.

    However, because he didn't have an actual copy of Windows XP, the technician charged us £12 and downloaded Windows XP from the Internet. Again we don't have a disc with Windows XP on it.

    Neither of us do Internet banking, I play games and use the Internet to research genaelogy, we both purchase the odd thing via the Internet and my partner pays for football tickets.

    Anyway I degress - we definitely have a virus (caught when I installed a video camera and had to disable the firewall and our antivirus [only I didn't know what part to disable, so I disabled all that I could!]). First of all, whenever we tried to run the programme of the camera it froze, but now, whenever either of us go on the Internet and try to click on a sub-menu the mouse freezes and we have to force the computer to start again and we are getting "iexplore" in our Task Manager which at the moment is using 28,576K worth of memory!

    So I thought I would run the 8 steps to remove viruses and see how I go.

    I have installed CCleaner and in your instructions you say to tick all the Advanced except the first option "Old prefetch Data" option. When I went to tick on the others I got a warning for most of them and am a bit dubious to continue. I am not the Administrator as it is my partner's computer, but he would rather just call somebody in and do it that way, which means we have to copy all our files onto disc or else lose it all.

    To be more specific "Tray Notification Cache" warns "System cache will be reset, you need to restart the Explorer.exe process". What is meant by this and, if we don't have a disk with Windows XP, will I still be able to do this?
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