Advice on choosing a gaming/office monitor please


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I've have £198.13 to spend on my home office (which I won in a competition held by my company), and I want to spend it on a PC gaming monitor. Can someone please recommend a good one that can fit the budget? My requirements: 24 inch (or thereabouts) IPS monitor which I'll be using for office work, Internet browsing, photo and video editing, watching videos and playing games (mainly 3D first person shooter). I've read that for a 24 inch monitor, best to get 1080p rather than 1440p as the difference isn't noticeable on a monitor that size; and no use getting a 27 inch unless it's 1440p as 1080 may look a bit pixelated. Some monitors state HDR10, others state DIsplayHDR 400 -- is there a difference, are they compatible with the same thing? And some are FreeSync, others are G-Sync Compatible, so is it recommended that I get the latter to suit my nVidia GTX 1070 GPU, or is it a feature that can be ignored?