age of empires 3 HELLLLP!!!

By stewie2539
Sep 11, 2006
  1. I can't seem to find a place to play aoe3 online. I know gamespy doesn't support it and every time i try to connect to ensemble studios from the game it just stays at the TESTING CONNECTIVITY screen forever. HELLLLLP!!!!
  2. skotters

    skotters TS Rookie

    i've never played aoe3 but i had a similar problem with ut2k4. mine was a firewall issue but I'm assuming you've already checked it. Aside from that, I wouldn't really know.
  3. Kriste

    Kriste TS Rookie

    Um friend plays that online all the time, I would suggest Updating your patch to, what is it now...1.08?

    Then enable the patch and it should work now.
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