AGP8X video card works in AGP4X slot?

By n0tepad
May 27, 2009
  1. I need an DIRECT ANSWER .. TY!!!

    DDR !!!
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    YES! The AGP8X card is backwards compatible, but it will only run in 4X
  3. tweakboy

    tweakboy TS Guru Posts: 467

    YES YES! A big YES. It will work lik a charm Ive done stuff/testing in the past and can say its 100 percent it will work.

    You will not see a performance decrease BTW booting with 4x AGP compared to 8x AGP. So don't worry about that your getting pretty much same performance either way.

    That AGP 4x must be a old card, You can even upgrade to a AGP 1950XT or 7800 GS agp.

    good luck let us know what your going to buy thanks,, gl
  4. teklord

    teklord TS Guru Posts: 483

    Recommend the HD 3850 for AGP as it is the best right now and possibly forever. You shouldn't notice any difference in AGP 4x vs 8x except in newer games that would utilize the bandwidth of 8x. When 8x first came out, it was useless because nothing pushed the bus that hard.
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