Alienware 17 R3 not booting


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I have an Alienware 17 R3 for repair which is not booting up, when you turn it on it reboots after a couple of seconds, it does this 3 times and then on the 4th boot it gives 8 beeps, while doing this there is just a blank screen, A suggestion is that it may be an LED failure, I connected an external monitor but have the same problem with that. I have reseated memory and hard drive, carried out a hard reboot but no change.
If it is the screen then I can change it but they don't come cheap (£360), my concern is that after changing the screen there is still an issue then it could be motherboard or graphics and changing either of those is going to expensive and probably not worth the expense.
Have any of you guys and suggestions that I have not thought of?


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Well I have a Alienware 18 (2012) and I had an issue with the motherboad and graphics early in life and mobo was replaced and now it's 9 years old and still humming along along it may be replaced soon.


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I run a computer repair shop and that sounds like bad RAM. It seems to be trying to find a frequency that it can run the RAM, hence all the rebooting. Try one stick of RAM or a known-good stick of RAM


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8 beeps on Alienware indicates video error. Take it to shop they will charge to do an estimate and tell you the exact thing wrong. Then you decide from there.