Alienware X51 RAM problem

Bob C

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Hi Guys
I have a strange issue with my X51. When I bought the computer, it came with 8 gb ram (2 - 4 gb sticks). What is happening now is that they will not work together. Either stick will work fine by itself but together, system will either crash over a short time or won't even boot up. Do I have to purchase new RAM. If I understand this properly there is a slot 1 and a slot 2 for the ram. Is it possible that there is something wrong with slot 2. If yes, what can be done to fix it?

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It's possible for RAM to go bad. I use this:

it lets you create a bootable USB flash drive. I would install just one stick and then run test until it completes 4 passes. If no red areas appear in the pane below and you get a big PASS on the screen. Shut down and change the RAM to the other stick of RAM. Rerun the test. I am thinking one of those sticks is bad.

If one of them turns out to be bad, then you need to replace that stick or perhaps get a whole new matched pair RAM kit


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You might want to call Alienware support. I had an Alienware 18 that had a mobo and graphics card issue the first year I sent it back to be fix the thing lasted 10 more years and I just replaced it.