All Games Dropped FPS Drastically

  1. PC Specs:
    -i7 3930k Processor
    - Intel BOXDX79SR Motherboard
    -EVGA Geforce 560 Ti Graphics Card
    -EVGA Geforce GT 620 Graphics Card
    -Cooler Master HAF X Full Tower
    -OCZ Z Series 1000W Modular 80PLUS Gold High Performance Power Supply
    -LG Blu-Ray Burner WH12LS38
    -180GB Intel 520 Series SSD
    -1TB Western Digital Caviar Black
    -1TB Western Digital Caviar Green
    -500GB Western Digital Caviar Blue

    All of my games have been running 150-200 fps constantly, but just the other day, ALL of the games randomly dropped to a constant 30 and lower fps. I play CS:GO, COD, and many other games like that. I changed my graphics settings to see if that was the problem, nothing happened. Anybody got anything??

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