Amazing Results from the 5500FX PCI card.

By Tha General
Mar 19, 2008
  1. Alright so i am using windows98se, and i have PCI slots. So last year dec 2007 i bought this card:

    I overbought, paid 116 total. So anyway, i bought this card thinking it will outperform the 5500FX 256MB 128bit card. It comes pack with shader model 3.0 , etc. For the past few months since i had this card, i notice that there was never a stable driver for this card, and only 3 drivers works with this card, the: 81.89 or 81.85, or 72.72, all of them expect the 81.89 is terrible, the 81.89 corrects the video problems, but it also brings up another issue:

    I could never shut down my computer, i had to do it by force, not by start, shutdown

    Also lately i couldn't play certain games, they will crash, or get terrible fraps. So just about 30mins ago, i said i had enough this sh**. So i go in my gaming room, and take out my 3Dfuzion Geforce 5500FX card

    Put it in, and i downloaded the lastest unofficial tweak 82.69 drivers, design for win9x and also added support for the hard to find = " Sparkle 8500 GT PCI card ".

    And what do you know, those games which was crashing, and my computer shut down problem all went way, and plus the video problems are fix, plus using the drivers, i get like a 30% performance boost in those games which i couldn't run good from the 6200 card.

    I couldn't play flatout 2 at good fps, or UT2003, or Mademan, and Aliens vs predator, but now wow i could play them at ease. Also, rivatuner works great in it, also just a little note, using the 6200 card in dxdiag tool it will read: 250.0MB.

    But now using the best drivers on the FX5500 it reads = 256.0MB.

    The bottom line, the BFG Geforce 6200 OC PCI card is unstable and a piece of sh**. Seriously, yea it has shader 3.0 and some other features, but thats about it. The 3Dfuzion 256MB Geforce FX5500 card is not only faster, but its stable and seems to be more powerful.

    Only thing which i miss from the 6200 is the temp checks and shader 3.0, but see check this out:

    I was thinking about buying either one of these cards to test to see how it runs:

    Or buying this:

    I only plan to test it out and if it works better then 6200 BFG OC and FX5500, then i will keep it, but i plan to do some seriously testing on games and videos, because if either card doesn't work right i can just take it back.

    I think the 64bus thing decreases peformance. I'm not sure if the 3Dfuzion 6200 128MB card has a 64bus tho.

    Peace :)

    OH and i copy and pasted this from Rivatuner to show you what specs is on the 5500:

    $0100000000 Graphics core : NV34 revision B1
    $0100000001 Hardwired ID : 0320 (ROM strapped to 0326)
    $0100000002 Memory bus : 128-bit
    $0100000003 Memory type : DDR (RAM configuration 07)
    $0100000004 Memory amount : 262144KB
    $0100000005 Core clock : 270.000MHz
    $0100000006 Memory clock : 202.500MHz (405.000MHz effective)
    $0100000007 Reference clock : 27.000MHz
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