Amazon changes logo following complaints it looks like Hitler


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WTF?! If you were one of the people who looked at Amazon’s new logo and felt uncomfortable by its apparent resemblance to Adolf Hitler, here’s some good news: the company has altered the image, lessening its resemblance to the Third-Reich leader.

The unlikely-sounding scenario came after Amazon launched its main shopping-app logo in January, replacing the previous shopping trolley icon. It was supposed to resemble one of the company's parcels with a piece of torn tape at the top. Strangely, some people complained that the spikey strip bore a resemblance to the toothbrush mustache that’s forever associated with the Nazi dictator.

“It’s not just a ripped Scotch tape, it’s a ripped Scotch tape that has a similar shape and is right on top of a smiling mouth - Looks like a happy little cardboard Adolf to me,” wrote one customer.

Rather than arguing it was a tribute to Charlie Chaplin or Oliver Hardy, Amazon changed the logo, replacing the “ripped” effect with a folded one that has fewer extremist overtones.

Amazon had trialed the Hitler-esque logo in a few countries, but customer feedback prompted it to change the design before rolling out the final version worldwide.

“Amazon is always exploring new ways to delight our customers. We designed the new icon to spark anticipation, excitement, and joy when customers start their shopping journey on their phone, just as they do when they see our boxes on their door step,” said an Amazon spokesperson, purposely avoiding any mention of Hitler.

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I want you all to remember and be aware, for once, that the kind of thinking, mindset and ideology that makes people say absurd, unhinged, nonsensical and unjustified things like this is the exact same, or rather, the one, and with the same competency, that pushes for ALL "progressive" (or rather leftist, that many, amusingly enough, took as "edgy", revolutionary, rebellious, and avant-garde, as was intended by the manipulators) stuff. And in "stuff" are included laws that affects everyone.
You think this is absurd? Well this may be the line for you, but this isn't, relatively, much more absurd than most other things those say, push and do and I dare to say all of you definitely believed and still believe.


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The reality is probably a tiny tiny handful of people publicly complained about it. Not because they were genuinely offended but so they can show to others that they don’t tolerate Hitler.

I will respect companies for ignoring these *****s. Although in fairness I don’t blame Amazon for just changing it to avoid hassle.


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We have an ongoing pandemic. We have vast mistrust caused by opaque govenrment and media policies. We have hunger, we have underserved communities, water shortages, heavymetal pollution, energy crisis, actions from foreign nations, violent crime epidemics, and a million other problems that affect hwo we can enjoy our society.

Instead the public outcry is focused on an illustration from Dr. Seuss and a cardboard box that somehow looks like hitler because there's a rectangle on it.

If anyone asks how easy the first world has it....there you go.


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Deino Pokemon - his hair and smile to a T .
One of the better gen pokemons - they are meant to be Cute - some of the non-kanto ones suck big balls.
It could of been Hitler before he learnt crocodiles eat wide mouth germans ( no he has to be french/Frogs ) ( not sure how obscure this joke is )