Amazon chooses Best Buy to sell Alexa-enabled smart TVs

Greg S

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Even though Amazon recently acquired Whole Foods, the ecommerce giant is not going to use its own physical stores to promote Fire TV Edition smart TVs. Best Buy is the unlikely candidate that will be selling TVs with Amazon's voice assistant.

Through an exclusive partnership, Best Buy will begin to offer more than ten different models of TVs with support for Amazon's Alexa assistant. Toshiba and Insignia will be building Fire TV Edition models that are available only at Best Buy.

The standout feature of Fire TV Edition models is the inclusion of a Voice Remote with Alexa. Searching for content on streaming apps such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube, and others alleviates the task of entering in phrases character by character with an on screen keyboard.

Jeff Bezos declares, "Amazon and Best Buy have a long history of working together, and today we take our partnership to a new level." Integration with home automation and smart home devices could also prove beneficial for some consumers.

For those that already own an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or similar speaker, Fire TV Edition models can be controlled from the full range of existing Alexa devices. Issuing commands to your Alexa-enabled remote control can be used to set lighting and sound for ideal TV viewing conditions with appropriate accessory hardware.

Models from Toshiba will be available beginning in summer 2018 with additional models from both Insignia and Toshiba to be released later this year. Fire TV Edition smart TVs will be available from Best Buy stores, online at, and also will be listed on but sold by Best Buy as a third-party seller.

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Slappy McPhee

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Wonderful.....Toshiba and Insignia. Two garbage companies and only at Best Buy? Wth? Guess they could care less about their partnerships other than getting deals at the lowest common denominator.


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Thank you for warning about "amazon" TVs, and where not to buy TVs. I will avoid both. Hopefully these will be the only TVs that spy on your conversations in the house.


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Alexa, play me "sexy" movies. Alexa, send my sexy movie list to amazon servers.
Alexa, display best escort services in my area based on my movie preferences.