Amazon employees rage against return-to-office mandate as exec pleads for calm

LOL reading some of the responses is pretty amusing to say the least. Amazon and other companies are making their employees come back to work not because it is some form of punishment or in hopes of all of the employees quitting. They want these people to grow a sack and be adults again and not scared little children hiding in their homes waiting for the sky to fall.

Onya upper management pion...first to let go btw.
I have always had to go to work, so I don't have much sympathy for people that want to stay home 24/7. I understand not everyone has my pretty easy commute but you typically choose both where you live and where you work so that is still on you in the end. I see hybrid being the most common option for certain positions moving forward.
No, it's not. And I have been in the work force for over 35 years. Yes there are places like that and I know first hand. But assuming that 95% of companies just want to beat the **** out of you and that's the only reason that they want you in the office is whacky thinking.
If working for corporations were such a wonderful experience people wouldn't need to be paid.

Human culture would provide the requirements for living without those coming from a paycheck.

No. Most work is slavery in euphemism. People would not do most of it without being forced to, in order to survive via a paycheck.

The small percentage of people who don't find work slavery-lite are not the majority. Similarly, most people have mortgages, the term referring to a measurement of one's time left before death. As Business Insider's analyst Henry Blodget noted, the elite don't 'invest primarily in debt.' They don't trade their lives for drudgery jobs and mortgages. The elite do not define the majority's life experience.

The Ohio railway workers who aren't allowed sick time don't do those jobs because they enjoy them.

Work certainly can be nicer than sitting at home all the time. But that's not the option most workers have. Most workers are expected to do a lot more than come in just enough to socialize and feel part of a team. They have long commutes and long hours. They yearn for more sleep, more time with their family and friends, and more time for actual living. Things are better in places like the USA for poor workers than they once were, when elementary-age kids went on strike for a 'humane' 55-hour workweek. But they are hardly where they should be for providing quality of life that each person deserves by virtue of being human.
Movies like Office Space resonate precisely because they're relatable to real experience.

The irony is that a lot of workers would be thrilled to have the kinds of jobs the main characters hate to endure in that film. There are a lot worse things in the workplace than TPS reports, flair, and stolen staplers. Nonetheless, the dehumanization parodied is real.